Wednesday 7 November 2012

roll up roll up!

 As Christmas creeps up on us..
let the fairs begin!
I have been sewing like a mad woman,
I feel a touch insane.
I only pray that the good folk of New Milton, Hampshire
like my oddities this Saturday!!

New Milton craft fair November 10th
held at the memorial hall.

Be there
at meet Clare

ps. before anyone thinks I'm selling single hexagons
they are just labels,
I'm not that crazy!!
pps. be warned if you have late night online chats with fellow bloggers
you will dream that you have moved in next door...
far far too much excitement,
but a sweet dream none the less!


  1. Don't I wish my whole village was full of fellow bloggers. My house would be even more of a tip but I would be in heaven! Best of luck at the craft fairs. You should do brilliantly well.

  2. Oh, I have that dream every night too! What a fun time we'd have! And all your goodies are not oddities! I'll take one of everything please!

  3. Reply to PS: That is actually not such a bad idea. If one can sell Christmas labels in sets of 10 why not sell ready hexies in sets of ten for someone to just join as a beginners step to real epp?
    Reply to PPS: I want to live in a collective My Rose Valley where my best blog buddies have a cottage of their own origin (what a beautiful valley that will be...) and every now and then we all get together in the big barn and craft together. Let the crafty love flow!

  4. Goodness!! You have been busy. Well done & good luck at the fairs! J9 x

  5. Hooray for craft fairs! I'm considering signing up for one on December 1st. It's my first craft fair and I'm really nervous!

  6. I WANT to be there!! I think your goodies will sell like hotcakes!

  7. A very sweet dream for sure. Someday a little sewing commune, perhaps? Good luck at the fairs. Your tags are super!

  8. Good luck! Are you going to do their Christmas festival one too?
    We are planning on going to NM that day.
    Lisa x

  9. I too am sewing like a mad woman for a Christmas fair! Hope it all goes really well for you!
    Karen x

  10. Good luck Clare. I love the gingers!!! x

  11. It all looks so pretty! Love the hexi bunting. Good luck, Clare! Wish I could stop by...

  12. Acabo de descobrir que sou louca,Meu Deus!!!!!Sou viciada em hexágonos estrelas e tudo que envolve o tal do papel,já tive 23.000 peças em estoque,e sim vendo as peças,as flores da avó,estrelas etc...A última remessa que vendi foi para Austrália e Nova Zelândia,3.000 peças brancas para a primeira e variedade de cores para a segunda.Fora o que vendo de pacotes com 100 flores e estrelas.Agora estou começando com outros modelos.Sim!Sim! Sim,faça feiras é o máximo.A última que participei voltei para casa com duas peças só,dois palhaços feito com (iô-iô).BOASORTE E BOAS VENDAS,estarei na torcida.Aplausos para seu trabalho lindo.beijo grande.

  13. good luck at the craft fair! I have two the following weekend, I feel sooooo unprepared, but I'm hoping it will be a fun experience anyway!

  14. Have a really successful fair! I'm a little too far away to stop by (cough cough..Saskatchewan) but wish you many spendy visitors.

    Your labels look very sharp!

  15. Best of luck to you! Your items are so pretty - and I hope that you SELL OUT!

  16. of luck! Everything looks so wonderfully Christmasssy! I hope that means dreamin' of Ohio...hee, hee! I had to temporarily disable my account...I need to figure out how I can only see the people I want to see. Oh my!

  17. Hi Clare,
    We met you yesterday, your stall was full of pretty stuff!! Was lovely to chat with you and thanks for the advice about crochet granny stars, am planning on having go soon. Once I have completed my pack of patchwork!!!


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