Wednesday 5 December 2012

curtain call

I did it!
Dont you love it when a plan comes together?
I had just enough fabric to make two curtains.
 I had to add an oddment(of the same fabric)
 to the top of them to make them long enough.
If you look in the first picture
you can just about make out the additions
at the top.
I don't notice now,
I'm sure most wont!

*curtain, vintage fothergay fabric a bargainous £5
secondhand curtain header free!
chairs from the dump
picture dottie angel teatowel
heart decoration Winchester Christmas market
light fitting Laura Ashley
vintage letterpress tray ebay
trinkets around the house!
(thats another post)
dingy photoshopped snaps courtesy of mother earth!


  1. They look gorgeous! Well done, and how satisfying! Gives you a such warm fuzzy feeling when things work out beautifully and at such a great price!!!
    Gill xx

  2. Fantastic curtains!You did a magnificent job, Clare. The house looks so sweet...

  3. Looking Good! That fabric is delicious! Such bargains! :)

  4. gorgeous fabric, looks lovely! Heather x

  5. Oh wow! Beautiful!! I love everything in this room and the chandelier is stunning! I want one!!

  6. Your curtains are divine!
    I have been looking at those vintage trays on ebay lately, think I shall take the plunge after Christmas, too many other things to spend on at the mo!
    Let's meet up in the new year for sure.
    Lisa x

  7. They look fab Claire. Its really coming on! xxxx

  8. The curtains look great! Love the vintage letterpress too! Looking forward to getting another look into your 'world'!!

  9. Oh gorgeous curtains! I can't see any additions from where I'm standing

  10. Your house is being transformed into a home. The curtains look great. Di x

  11. Great curtains but such a lovely home you are making! Can't believe someone threw out those gorgeous chairs! What is wrong with them?? So glad you managed to rescue them!

  12. You decided against the mismatched look then? :) The curtains look great and I can't see the addition at all. Perhaps its a bit like when you have a pimple on your face and think everyone is looking at it when really they don't even notice :D
    And the backs on those chairs are just beautiful.
    Jo x

  13. Absolutely beautiful! The colours and pattern remind me of the ladybird books I used to read as a child :) xx

  14. oh what beautiful curtains! they really look fabulous! Jessie, xo

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