Friday 14 December 2012

friday favourites

If you noticed my new cushion a few posts back,
then you'll want to know where it came from right?
 Well I struck it lucky when I won Annettes giveaway
over at My Rose Valley one of my favourite bloggers.
 There really is nothing like a blog parcel!
Thankyou Annette I love everything!
Annette knows my penchant for fabric and threw in these lovely florals...
and a cute tin heart which is hanging next to my new santa decoration.
He came from Finland via the Winchester Christmas market.
So it seems I am developing quite the taste for Scandinavian homestyle
as Annette is from Sweden, although she lives in Swizerland.
Hopefully then my little home made swedish gift will 
get a gallop on and arrive with Annette for Christmas.

I have had a wonderful year of giving and receiving gifts from around the world.
It really has been a great experience, did you know that a parcel from the UK
takes roughly 1 week to arrive in the US and a couple more for Australia!
My word for this year was to connect with people, 
my word for 2013?

I have opened a facebook page 
please take a look if you fancy a chat!


  1. I always felt there was a touch of Scananadivian in you! Love the cushion! I'm off to Facebook!

  2. What a gorgeous cushion! Lucky you! I'm off to check out your fb page now!
    Karen x

  3. It's a beautiful cushion! Yes I've had some wonderful little parcels arrive too! :)

  4. Aren't they lovely fabrics.
    Here's to a very trader full 2013.
    Lisa x

  5. Gorgeous cushion and fabrics from Annette!Lucky you!
    Gill xx

  6. Scandi love is good! Lovely parcel!


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