Wednesday 19 December 2012

creating traditions

 Not feeling Christmassy yet?
Why not start a new tradition.
Today my friend Karen and I began a new Christmas crafting tradition.
All you need is one or more friends some crafty products
 and a radio playing Christmas tunes.
 We gave air dry clay modelling a go.
Neither of us had used this product before,
 a little tweaking here and there and we were on a roll.
*quilt by Molly Flanders
 Well Karen was,
she was like a woman possessed!
 I was a bit more methodical.
Now we must wait until they dry...
I'm thinking over night should do the trick.
Anyone interested?
We used DAS air dry clay,
bought from a craft shop, but also available online.
You will need cookie cutters 
(letters nigellas)
and buttons etc 
and basically anything you can press into clay!
You will also need a rolling implement, a pallet knife
and some skewers or a large needle.
Couldn't be easier!
My mind is whirring away...
don't you love learning a new craft?
I'm thinking the possibilities are endless!!!!

hopefully they should dry white,
I'll update you when they're finished.


  1. They look SO Christmassy! I love that Mary's quilt is shining down on you too!

  2. Great idea. But not this year. Cookies and a clean house is all I can manage now.

  3. Love this! My favorite is having friends over, good tunes of the season, and some crafts!

  4. oooh, Im a tad jealous! it would be so great to share a day like that with a fellow craft compatriot. How wonderful.


  5. Pretties! I've used that clay before... never tried painting it, but it does dry a lovely white colour.

  6. Looking good! Someone spelt my name wrong though!
    Thank you for your kind words Clare.
    Lisa x

  7. What a great start to a new tradition! I can't wait to see them finished! And I can't think of a better place for Mary's quilt to be hanging!

  8. Oh so sweet! I love your traditions! I want to be there crafting up some Christmas fun. Hey how about a pretty little doily and press it into the clay with a rolling pin. Just wonderful Clare!

  9. Have a great Christmas! Thank you for your visits and kind words! :) x

  10. Hey .... just stop there you! What's going on here? I'm now quilting and you're doing clay! And you're really good at it too. Goes to prove my theory that if you're creative, you can generally make a decent job of most crafts! Happy Christmas Clare!

  11. Looks like fun! And the possibilities of different things you can push into the clay to make pretty patterns is endless! I particularly like the joy buttons :)

  12. it looks good, I haven't tried this yet. Nice to have a craft session with a friend! especially a keen one! I think I would like to try rolling on a doily. Have a good christmas and new year! Heather x

  13. Ooh, I love this stuff. Instead of buying it from expensive art shops, the air dry clay can be bought more cheaply in the discount book store/art shop called The Works. It paints up great, and is fun pressing the dried pieces into ink stamps, or using old stamps or costume jewellery to imprint designs. A really wonderful, inspirational artist for this craft is Laurie Mika. Her book can be found on amazon:

  14. Oops missed a few posts so I will be catching up! Love these - often buy stuff for new crafts and don't get round to them - but doing it with a friend is twice the fun I reckon!


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