Wednesday 12 December 2012

Liberty love

 I have always thought I was born in the wrong era..
stepping into Liberty confirms my theory.
It was love at first step.
This is my place.
So forgive the quality of these naughty snaps,
taken with my phone I couldn't resist.
 Anyone else wondering how they hung those paper chains?
 If I had to choose one shop to shop in for the rest of my life,
let it be Liberty!
 This picture is for Mary and everyone who loves fabric!
 Believe it or not I wasn't in fabric buying mode?
Not this time at least.
I did buy myself a little memento
a handmade button bauble from their refound department.
A selfsewn decoration on the same tree as one from Liberty!
If you find yourself in Regent Street
make sure you pop your head in,
you might find me behind a till or hanging some decorations...
again..I'm dreaming!


  1. I was in there a few weeks ago and it was so beautifully decked out for Christmas. I love this shop too. Di x

  2. Liberty love AND Liberty jealousy! The button bauble is SO cute!

  3. Thank you! And dreams do come true Clare...if only you believe! What a wonderful trip.

  4. Its the Liberty lifts that get me - lined with wood from the ships of Nelson's navy...

  5. I always said that I would like some of my ashes sprinkling in Liberty's basement!!! (The rest going off the end of Smeatons Pier)!! xxxxx

  6. Ok, we will make a film, called " alone at Liberty" about a craft mad woman, who gets locked in the shop overnight and she has to defend all the fabric and craft from two bumbling theives......I used to have those sorts of day dreams as a child, being left alone in a large toy shop overnight and being able to run through and play with anything I wanted, same dream different shop....thank you for sharing.

  7. isn't it heaven? I'm praying for an excuse to go to London again just to get another chance to spend some time inside...

  8. Ah! Liberty! Hmmmmm.....sigh.....

  9. Ah, a woman after my own heart! Have been to the UK twice and each time Liberty (and Cath Kidston) was the priority visit. Just love it! Lucky you to see it at Christmas time. Would love to know how they hung the paper chains!

  10. I go into Lobertys just to stand in awe of the architecture. I take the girls in just to hear them say, 'Mummy, do you se how much this costs!?!!' pure entertainment from whatever angle you look at it.

  11. Oh my gosh! This is such a dream of mine! Thanks for sharing these lovely pics. !!

  12. That button bauble is amazing! I think I might have to make a few with all my vintage buttons.

    I could live at Liberty! Thank goodness for that coffee bar nearish the fabric department. Excellent for stashing husbands.

  13. I am definitely in awe of those paper chains! So beautiful!

  14. I agree! I used to play a little game and sometimes it would even appear in my dreams, being locked in a shop overnight and having the run of the place. Which would I choose? Liberty of course. It's one of the things I'll miss when I leave London one day.
    Hen x

  15. It's on my list for must seed when I come to London next July.

  16. As long as one of your jobs isn't to hang the paper chains!
    Lisa x

  17. *sigh* Liberty! Think they'd notice if we just moved in there?!


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