Thursday 18 October 2012

the sunny side

The ground may be sodden with a months worth of rain,
but I do believe that it is warmer outside than in today. 
I must remember to take strolls in between the sewing marathons.
The light levels are so much kinder at this time of year.
It's so important to me to have a beautiful garden whatever the season.
Foliage was my first love when I began gardening,
and still is..just.
 One can never have too much verbena bonariensis!

Favourite foliage plants:
All time fav cotinus flame
choisya ternata
acer katsura 
catalpa bignoides
 cercidiphyllum japonicum


  1. what a beautiful garden and your little pond is so peaceful the first picture reminds me of cosmos. It is so nice to have something flower this time of year :) Thanks for the tour!

  2. Yes, we all need to stretch our legs and feel the fresh air on our faces! Lovely garden! Ada :)

  3. Oh everything is so lovely. I would understand if you spent all your time out in your beautiful garden. I might be tempted to set up my treadle machine out there and stitch...only problem is I do not have a garden.

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos.
    blessings, jill

  4. There's a fab garden shed nestled among the foliage j see! Looks like it was a beautiful day!

  5. The boots make the shot. Lovely. :-)

  6. Gardens are so inspiring! Yours is just beautiful. Enjoy the sun.

  7. I love the photos of your garden. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
    Anne xx

  8. I love the first picture of the white cosmos, they are one of my favorites. Everything at my house is dried up and dead, so your yard looks lovely from here. Like your pincushion post too!

  9. We have several of the same plants Claire! My Cercidiphyllum is a big tree and I love the toffee apple scent as I walk past it and the glowing autumn colour - hardly a leaf on it now though! I love my foliage too - lasts longer than the flowers!

  10. You are so right. Taking a break from sewing to wander through the garden is an absolute must, and I haven't been doing it either. I should probably pull a few weeds while I'm out there, though ;-) Your garden is looking beautiful!


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