Tuesday 9 October 2012

what no patchwork?

I know it's not necessary to make apologies when blogging...
But for those of you who have recently joined me,
expecting a wonderful quilting blog,
well I'm afraid it's all work and no play just now.
Okay so I am playing with felt
but it is with the hope of attending Christmas fairs
to sell my wares.
This is our new extension,
for those of you who remember the big doorway
used to be a lovely, but draughty,
period window.
I am whitewashing everything for now...

ps. yep I got back!


  1. Oh that is going to be a brilliant room! Think taking time to get the extension ready and preparing for craft fairs is more than ample reason to not have time to blog!

  2. What a bright and airy room! And your felt cuties are wonderful!

  3. Love the Christmas Felties and your space looks bright and airy! Those white walls look like they would look fab with a quilt or two!

  4. nice ass!
    haha, that room looks LOVELY!
    your new craft room, right?

  5. Hard work there, but will be so worth it. Soon you will be blogging from your new room!

  6. Where you going to do the fairs? Anywhere I can get to?
    Lisa x


  7. Lovely space, Clare! It is fun to see you in your own habitat! hee hee!

  8. lovely makes on your table :))) the extension is looking great !!


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