Thursday 11 October 2012

sew and tell..

 With the seasons rolling on the C word gets ever closer.
You may remember me selling my wares last year in 
Rosie Lea tea rooms in Brockenhurst.
So why the sew and tell?
Whilst hunting down venues to sell my wares this year,
I discovered that there is to be a Christmas Fair
held at New Park Brockenhurst
(where they sell Christmas trees)
December 8th&9th.
So today I have the organiser of said fair 
popping round to chat all things crafty.
 I've been hastily gathering anything I can find.
I made these pin cushions in spring with the aim of 
selling in summer!!

I also have a table full of Christmas decorations,
but you'll have to's too early!

ps. I am not selling my handsewn quilts, no way!
Just showing.
pps. buy handmade
 not mass produced rubbish pretending to be handmade!!


  1. I am sure that the organiser will snap you up Claire! I could quite easily wrap one of your quilts around me right now!!! x

  2. I think the organiser will be thrilled to have you selling your wares. Best of luck!

  3. Your pin cushions are SO sweet! best of luck with all your pretty handmade wares! I know I'd buy them..... And your new room looks like a perfect place to sew!

  4. Good luck - although sounds very official with the organiser coming to see you. They'll be wowed by your sewing talent anyway but good luck!! J9 x

  5. They look lovely, you are clever. And I completely agree about the proper handmade stuff.
    'Time,If I only had time'...... (that's an old song by the way!)
    Susan x

  6. She's bound to fall for those pin cushions! What a lovely, light space you have there! I'm with you on that last sentiment! Ada :)

  7. They are great!
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  8. They'll sell very well. Lovely as ever Claire.xxxx

  9. Those hexies are so cute!! Love them!

  10. These are wonderful Clare! You will be a big hit at the Fair! BTW..your new room is fantastic! Lots of fabulous light :)

  11. Beautiful patchwork hexie pin cushions and I love the fabric. Do I spy some Amy Butler.

    Have a lovely weekend

    Nina x

  12. Hope the meeting went well.
    Do you know about the New Milton Christmas festival?
    I like raisins, not so keen on sultana though!
    Lisa x

  13. I love the hexie pincushions - I am sure that they will go like hotcakes!

    Pomona x

  14. I love the hexie pincushions. I bought my hexie pincushion when I was 10 from a nice lady at a village fete, twenty-mumble years later it's still going strong but it's getting a bit crowded with ordinary pins, quilting pins and goodness knows how many needles. Good luck with your fairs - love your stuff!

  15. I'm sure you'll sell out straight away! Your little pincushions are so sweet!! I've just found your new blog, (i was a subscriber to the old one, must have missed the final post!) glad to see you again and your wonderful quilting projects! :D
    Jessie, xo

  16. Ciao Bella! Love your PPS. I suddenly threw the dreams of traveling to India to pick gorgeous fabric, design items and get a bunch of women sewing things for me for retail... Nahhhh, If I don't make it there is no love to be found. Thanks for reminding me.


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