Thursday 24 July 2014

a gaggle of geese

A little ditty to show you my workings!

*to make this I used


  1. I like your ditty! And I need to look at that gifmaker! Thanks for the tip :)

  2. You are so darn clever my dear! And your choice of colours superb. As ever.
    So glad you had a good holiday (not sure I got around to replying to your last email Clare - sorry!!! will try and rectify over the weekend)
    Gill xx

  3. Hey that's cool! Am I allowed to say cool or is that really uncool? When selecting colours is it just what looks right, or do you have a scheme in mind? Some people are really good with colours, like your good self. I would like to think I was good with colour but I think I just am really good at mimicking! :-)

  4. Pretty geese! I've been a geesing as well lately and more to come. Such a nice block.


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