Monday, 21 July 2014

and the birthday beat goes on...

 If this is what its like to turn forty I cant wait to be fifty!!
My celebrations are at an end (for now)
I've been away and seen wonderful things...
but first I must share with you the lovely gifts from 
my dear friend Mary
I often feel like Im skirting round the edge of the quilting community
Mary has a way of reeling me in when I'm about to slip away.
 Any way here are just some of the treats she sent me...
needless to say those sweets did not last long!!
 turquoise pompom
 diagonal stripe binding
 Perfect in everyway!!
Thank you Mary



  1. Happy Birthday
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. how perfect :-) So glad you had a lovely birthday.

  3. What a lovely gift. Love that orange fabric

  4. Dear child, don't slip away you would be so missed! I enjoy your gentle projects as a contrast to all that busyness out there. There are many lurkers like me out there, may be we should express ourselves more often to let you know we do appreciate your blog and quilts and chat. Please stay and talk a little while longer.

  5. Happy birthday from one July birthday celebrater to another! Take care, Pam

  6. Clare, I have been so busy today and just now sat down to look at blogs! I am so happy that you enjoyed your gifts! I loved making the pouch for you and picking out the other bits. Your birthday is a special one and this year super duper special! hehe! Big hugs friend! You make me BEARY Happy :)

  7. What a lovely gift.

    With all the amazing quilts you make, I can't imagine you ever slipping away from the quilting community.

  8. Happy Birthday :-)
    Beautiful gift!!!!

  9. Oooh! What pretty fabric scraps i see! And is that a reel of cotton, I see! Happy days indeed!

  10. Well that's just the most perfect gift for you, just look at all those colours which just shout your name!
    Lisa x

    Anne xx


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