Friday 10 May 2013

when computers go wrong..

So..this year my computer has been slowly dying
I knew it was imminent
so I fortunately had my passwords uptodate...
It does however leave me a little lost.
Computers are a wonderful thing
until they break...

I am now upstairs trying to blog to you via the mans computer
it's all foreign
no photos
big clunky dusty keyboard
and a mouse!
I'm not sure how long this blackout will last
please bare (or is it bear?) with me...
If all else fails there is always facebook maybe?

I had not realised I was away for so long
apologies for the worry xxx


  1. Geesh Clare! You almost made me get on a plane and hunt you down! Sorry about the computer....come here and use mine....pleaaaassseee!

  2. Hope you manage to get back on line soon!

  3. Missing your cheerful self. Hope the problem is soon resolved.

  4. Technology is fab while its working, but don't we feel like we've lost an arm when it breaks down! Ugh! Glad to know you are okay though!

  5. I was thinking where are you - thought that maybe you are just so focused something exiting work! Sorry about the computer, I hope you can use your hb's. How is that quilt 'from the painting' going? x Teje

  6. Blurg, computer woes. Those are no fun. New computers, though, those can be fun ;-)

  7. How annoying. Computers are so wonderful until they go wrong. then Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
    Hope you get yours sorted soon.

  8. It's amazing how you only get to realise how much you depend on technology when you cannot use it as you're used to!! Hope you get it sorted soon...

  9. I am also experiencing that.... I manage to do some things when my computer got wrong.


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