Monday 29 April 2013

getting stitchy with it

So I have chosen to use pink, red and green cottons
along with a cream for the background.
Hand quilting for me is on a par with hand piecing.
There are no fixed rules,
which can be confusing,
with so much choice..
I am toying with the idea of quilting 
petal shapes within the white 
like a daisy with a hex centre..
I might make a trial run to see if I like it.

Any guesses to which backing I went with?


  1. It's lovely, yes I think flowers in the hexies will be good! :) x

  2. No guesses, just sitting here happy because you are doing one of my favourite things ever. Love perle!!!

  3. looking you say no to see what you come up with

  4. Wow! Your stitching is perfect! No matter which backing those stitches on the back will make a lovely pattern!

  5. Oh I so love this quilt!! I'm a new follower and i know that i'm going to learn so much from your tutorial. God knows I need it!!! :))

  6. Oh it's looking lovely! Can't wait to see the finished product!

  7. Your quilts have such wonderful colour palette, I am sure the quilting will tell you what it needs as you progress.
    Thank you for sharing it all adds to my day!

  8. I say the pink backing.... This is looking lovely, as usual! I love the idea of petal shapes inside the hexies too!

  9. Love the prairie stitches. Curves will be great. Soft and cozy!!

  10. Beautiful, soft colors....pretty! I linked to you today. ;-)

  11. I'm extremely new to crocheting, but bravely yesterday I attempted your itty bitty tutorial and made the stars. I have looked at so many patterns on the net and none made more sense than yours, so I made (yours) them without much trouble and writing here to thank you for putting up such a simple but good pattern and tute! anymore simple crochet patterns and tutes would be most apppreciated!

  12. thats exactly what I did with my hexy quilt, it looks really good, I did a circle in the middle hexy.
    I am enjoying your blog, I spent ages looking at back posts.


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