Sunday 21 April 2013

making it work

 Well this took me back to my technical drawing classes!
Not as easy to reproduce as it was to draw willy nilly.
 After taping some A4 sheets together I strolled back and forth with my ruler in hand.
It was actually quite fun
a bit like dot to dot!
 I do love our new space...
I am in between the radio, the kettle and the toilet
why go any where else?
This is how far I got.
I numbered the templates on the back 
and remembered to take a photo
to help me assemble correctly!
I'm thinking now that the orange should be red,
I used orange in the painting, but the tone is a lot darker 
than this orange I other news
still waiting on some perle cotton 
so I can get on with 
some hand quilting.....hurry up already!


  1. Your painting is stunning! Looking forward to seeing it in quilt form! Wow!

  2. This is well on its way. I shall politely disagree about the red though. You need a darker orange, but still the orange. (But you can ignore me and prove to me that red works perfectly well as I know it will.)

  3. Be Lovely to see it completed.
    I love the bit where you say, 'I am inbetween the radio, the kettle and the toilet why go anywhere else?' Why indeed?

  4. It's fab, love it. I agree, your situation sounds absolutely perfect. Was thinking about you yesterday when pottering in my garden/jungle and seeing the lupin leaves emerge, remembering your wonderful lupins...
    Hen x

  5. I love your space it works really well.Your dresser is really pretty full of treasures. I know what you mean about painted furniture. I up cycle a lot of furniture which always ends up painted. I don't quilt but would like to try when I have more time. Your quilts are beautiful. Rosezeeta.

  6. Wow, I love your project - I hope that was on my table! Your painting is fantastic and the quilt even more! x teje

  7. Clare that's a great idea, look forward to seeing it when it's finished! :) x

  8. Your quilted version is going to look amazing! I like the orange but IMHO it needs some red too!

  9. Looks like you had lots of fun!!

  10. You are in quilt heaven I think but where is your harp?

  11. Neat! I'm excited to see you going for the fabric with this!


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