Wednesday 17 April 2013

perfectly pastel...

 Last year the house and the garden both went through changes.
A pond in the garden and an extension on the house.
Needless to say the latter was by far the most stressful.
With the days now getting longer and warmer
we are hanging out more often in the new bit.
We still have flooring, skirting, door frames and a patio to do,
but we're getting there.
Which leads me to our latest house guest
my our welsh dresser.
 I quite literally stumbled upon this dresser in my local town
I couldn't quite believe it..
if you knew my town you'd know that
 poundland* is the very heart of the community.
So you can imagine my surprise
when I found Junk and Disorderly.
I had been scouring websites trying to find one to do up
but I wanted a wood dresser
and as painted furniture is the in thing
I was finding it hard.
The lady seller had rubbed it down herself
she said it took 2 weeks.
Normally I would rather do the work and pay less,
but sometimes when somethings right
you should just go for it.
That said I did haggle her down some!
With these hard times I think we need to support 
our high street shops and the people trying to make a living.
And besides I wouldn't be sharing these photos with you now
had I not fallen in love...
 I am a girl who's love affair with old things runs deep,
and have been collecting quirky objects for many a year
(and yes more loft delving)
Having said that my husband picked up some great things
from carboot sells back in the day when deco mirrors cost a pound.
In fact the ice creams and the bread bin are his.
 A dtawer for my decadent!

 This charming lady came from the loft
I've had her years
she is utterly broken
but I cant throw her away.
So now I have a place for everything and everything in place.
Really every girl should have one!
And breathe....

*nothing wrong with poundland I shop there too!


  1. Your Welsh dresser is a great find- its like finding hidden treasure, isn't it? You have a wonderful collection of vintage pottery pieces too!

  2. You know what I always can't beat a good Welsh dresser! It's fab! :) x

  3. What a gorgeous piece of furniture! Great buy.

  4. What a beauty you found! It's gorgeous, such a great colour.
    Love those ice creams too.
    Lisa x

  5. I love everything on there. Its really lovely xxx

  6. Love the dresser and the way you dressed it!

  7. Oh, how fantastic! I am so impressed by the name of the shop, too ;)

    Thanks for your comment - I hope you get some dress-weather soon (particularly because I'm flying over to the UK on Friday for a wedding, she said selfishly)!

  8. The dresser is gorgeous and i love all your eclectic little pieces :o)

  9. What a beautiful dresser! It doesn't look like pine, do you know which wood it is? It's true that the wood of these old pieces of furniture is sometimes so beautiful that it's a shame to paint them.

  10. Your dresser is lovely and a whole drawer for those GORGEOUS aprons...sigh. :)
    Anne xx

  11. I love it, one day I should post my hutches. We could call it "What's in your Hutch"! I bet we all have simular goodies and treasures! I love the little lady, my broken items are 2 very old pink deer my great Aunt gave me. So, I understand! Drives my husband crazy.

  12. I love it too, thats cos I have mine from the late seventies and I am never going to part with it no matter what the fashions are!!!!
    are you going to paint yours? I did want to paint mine but dh kind of said no - a bit too loudly actually! he loves it as is! ps I amstill going to email you my hexy prob soon!

  13. Poundland is my youngest daughter's favourite shop!

    It looks fabulous - maybe this is what I should do with the dark stained ones I have - was going to paint them....oops!

  14. Lovely dresser and it's so lovely when you eventually find what you want. Worth the wait I would say :)

  15. Sweet! I love finds like this.

  16. that piece is to die for! we just got a really neat old sidebar, i should photograph it to show you. i love your broken lady, she's a doll.


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