Friday 12 April 2013

a quick quilting quandary

Can I make a confession?
I really feel like I don't know what I'm doing
most of the time!
And when it comes to quilting
I'm lost.
I read my quilting books and all your blogs for inspiration,
I just wish it came naturally to me.
With my wadding purchased from John Lewis
(80% cotton 20% polyester)
I've reached that dilemma.
I was thinking about using the pink for the backing
and the stripe for the binding...
But maybe the other way round?
Or not at all?
I'm definitely going with some hand quilting,
possibly a blender on the hexagons
and some more colourful stitching on the stars...
decisions decisions!


  1. As far as I'm concerned, you are the quilting God! I would do the pink fabric backing with the yellow binding but whichever way you decide, I am sure it will look fabulous. Must progress with my quilting - a mug mat isn't really much progress, but I have been distracted by the Great British Sewing Bee so I am due to make a dress for myself next week. Wish me luck... xx

  2. That's the thing about quilting you can do it your way :) I love your quilt! great job :) and especially love that pink fabric. I remade my 'Flower' quilt I did in the 90s as I wasn't happy with it, I love it now, enjoy the process I think that's the most important thing.

  3. Personally I'd do the pink as binding and the stripe as backing, therefore totally the opposite of commenter nÂș 1 !! :o)!!
    Such a decision is so personal. Maybe if you let it be for a couple of days and walk by it now and then, you'll know what to do.

    You make wonderful quilts, so (in my opinion) it doesn't matter that "you don't know what you do", because they turn out the way you like them and that is all that matters, I think !!!

    Just keep on making them and have fun with it !!! :o)!!!

    Jacomijn (from the Netherlands, so I hope you get the drift of my ramblings; it not always easy to translate what one wants to say !! ;o)!!! )

  4. I think the yellow stripe for binding and the pink floral for backing would be absolutely to die for. You've got a natural knack for this, don't sell yourself short! You'll do great things with the hand quilting, too. You rock, you got this. Best of luck!

  5. works both I think. Hm... I think I would use pink for the backing and stripes for the binding. But I can imagine the look the other way round. I often struggle myself, too.

  6. Don't second guess your decisions Clare! You're on the right track! The pink is perfect for the back ( the stripe might be tricky to line up exactly) and striped bindings are always my first choice!

  7. I am flummoxed by these sorts of decisions each and every time. I would go pink back, then change my mind several times. I like the idea of coloured thread in the stars, if that is any help.

  8. All the decisions are the fun bit and part of what makes the quilt uniquely you! It will be glorious! Oh and nice alliteration ;)

  9. I am a great lover of a striped binding. I say pink on back and striped for binding. OR, add a 3 in pink border and use it on the back and the striped binding. However you decide, it will be a perfect quilt!!

  10. For someone who feels like they don't know what they doing when it comes to quilting, I think your do an AWESOME job.
    Anne xx

  11. You are magnificent with everything you touch! I personally love a stripe binding! Either way it will be great...don't over-think it!

  12. Quilting is definitely the hard part for me too! I like the idea of the yellow on the back. Yellow and mostly blue are such a great, high-contrast combo. Your hand quilting will be lovely!

  13. Yes! Love the yellow stripe binding!

    PS, I just love your posts.

  14. Oh my God, you are totally amazing at this and inspire a whole load of us to try harder! I really hope you take the praise in these comments to heart as you deserve to know how good you are and what a remarkable eye you have. Personally I'd do pink back/striped border, if only because a quilter of many many years experience once told me yellow works best as an accent, unless you want a really "zesty* look.


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