Wednesday 10 April 2013

sew solid crew

Okay so I can't share my latest creation until Monday
but I can share my fabrics for my next mini.
I wonder what I could be up to?
In other news...whilst lingering around John Lewis fabric department
pondering on their wadding
I met an older lady who quilts.
Actually it was the presewn patchwork fabric that we were both tutting at
that got us talking.
She told me about the Japanese folding technique,
I think its a bit like making cathedral windows.

they have flea market fancy in John Lewis
and no I was good.
I have wadding...we all know what that means!
I'm using cheap cotton
remember my mantra!
So the moral?
Time spent lingering over fabric is NEVER wasted.


  1. Then I never waste hours of time! Thanks...... :) x

  2. Love the colours you chose! Cannot wait to see what you painted for le challenge! How exciting!

  3. Love the fabrics- I definitely need more solids in my life!

  4. I love those solid colours.
    Anne xx

  5. Yup looks good - actually quite delicious from here!

  6. I think I spot a ressemblance to the colours of the painting on the wall :-)

  7. lovely colours....i can look at fabric for hours, apparently that makes me a saddo (is that the spelling)... so say the squids!


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