Friday 5 April 2013

le sneaky peek

Thanks for all your lovely comments regarding my painting,
I know how single minded we get in the quilting world
so I really value your support.
This is my Le Challenge entry
still in progress.
It's very big and very bright
just what we need with our current climate.
I'm thinking wouldnt this make an awesome mini quilt?


  1. That's beautiful Clare! Of course I thought first they are fabrics, sorry, but how wonderful painting it's going to be! I love to paint and you are so right, we should do something else than sewing, too. x Teje

  2. It WOULD make an awesome mini quilt! Are you going to try? The colours are gorgeous!

  3. I thought it was a mini at first glance! It's lovely :-D

  4. Yes, you must! It would look fantastic....yep we are all in need of colour, and warmth! :) x

  5. You have such a beautiful eye for colour, tone and balance, which shines through whether using fabric or paint. Really lovely x

  6. Agreed! Love those colours!

  7. it would make a great the way thanks for the tutorial re the labels using picmonkey.... worked a treat

  8. It is looking amazing a lady! Cannot wait to see the finished version!


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