Wednesday 3 April 2013

do you mind if I paint?

 You may think that quilting is my first love?
But for me it's always been (in a non pretentious way) about art.
If you ask me where my favourite place to hangout is...
I may give you a handful of answers
a garden centre..a fabric shop..portobello antique fair
but really my number one favourite place
is in an art gallery.
There's nothing more inspiring than a whitewashed wall
splashed with vibrant canvases.
Or dark walls with a moody oil or two.
My biggest regret in life is rebelling against 
my art college student life..
and the fact that I never did go back to study..
something about having a life of my own,
with no rules.
I was taught that to create art
there must always be thought behind it,
something that appalled the 17 year old me.
But now that I'm older and wiser
I totally agree.
Don't get me wrong I'm not going all artsy on you,
I'm just realising how my art college years have 
shaped the way I quilt and why I have to be different,
and to show my working out.
Just like quilts I have had paintings floating about in my head.
So when this months Le Challenge theme was announced
as geometric
I knew I had to crack on.
My first attempt in oils 
I'm calling severence.
 Having the book;
  Mrs Dalloway by Virginia Woolf (thanks Lisa)
 fall apart as I read it
I knew I wanted to recycle it.
I feel very in tune with Virginia Woolf
and her fractious view of high society and
the continuous present.

This is just a start
not my le challenge entry
 I have bigger fish to fry...


  1. Aha... So you are a bit artsy fartsy for real... Or how do we claim the title artist? I am not sure. I always wanted to be an artist but school just suffocates me. And art galleries bore me. But life, a worn out bench in a park or a window where the paint on the frames are coming off... That is art to me. Interesting. I am curious about your artsy fartsy challenge. I am staying tuned.
    My Rose Valley

  2. I love your artwork! Love the zingy colours mixed with the print, fantastic! :) x

  3. Gorgeous painting. I come from a fine art background too and then I trained as a Museum Technician so I could work in a gallery/museum so I could be surrounded by art and antiquities all day but now I have a plain old regular non-gallery job so I quilt in the evenings. So I get ya'.

  4. This is just gorgeous. Glad to see there will be a variety of crafts taking part in Le Challenge.

  5. An excellent use of a literary work of art in your own work of art.
    Lisa x

  6. That is really nice. Cannt wait to see your actual entry..

  7. The painting is just beautiful, along with the color inspiration.

  8. the creative urge cannot be boxed in by media, it strikes where and with what it will.
    The piles of various types of arts and crafts supplies around my home testifies to this,.,.

  9. Your posts always inspire me, this time you have inspired me more. I have been wanting to try something different but never know what - you have inspired me!
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  10. Would also make a great little quilt!


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