Friday 22 June 2012

the importance of being average..

Okay so I'm not using average as a derogatory term regarding ones personal life,
I'm using it as in 'the mean'.

So yesterday I spent the day avoiding workmen with my parents,
with the intent of enrolling my Mum into the world of paper piecing.
(she was already a willing victim)
As the hours past whilst we tried to make her a perfect hexagon template,
I began to notice how the apple didn't fall far from the tree.
Basically it turns out we both 'wing it'.

I explained to her that my reason for English paper piecing is that
I'm a terribly inaccurate cutter of fabrics,
and that with epp it doesn't matter
which is why I do it.

So my Mum chimes in
'that it's better to be all over average than to be perfect just once'
If you make one part perfect, everything after that has to be just as perfect.

I suppose you could use this rule in life...
 it works when I'm machine piecing,
and I am by no means perfect.

Happy weekend all!!


  1. Oooh, more pretty gingham! I've been working on my gingham project tonight!

  2. I wing it and embrace wonky, improv - which are very forgiving!

  3. What is wrong with an average life? :-) like quilting, it can be useful, wonky and well loved.

  4. She's a clever one that mum of yours :o)

  5. :o)!!!!!!! That's a good one to remember !!!

  6. Wise words from your mum!
    Lisa x

  7. :0) it all works out in the end....thanks for the reminder.

  8. I am below average!! I do have a question, which brand of thread do you use for joining your hexagons together? I began hexagon sewing earlier this year and have been using coats thread but it keeps knotting easily. Any suggestions? Thank you.

  9. I love your mum too! Can I keep her?


  10. Mom's are wonderful and so smart! Perfect is not fun. If you can do everything perfectly you miss out on all the learning along the way. Just look at my examples in trying to piece the clamshells. My book said EPP is the way to go - but I had to try different methods to figure out which was 'perfect'. So my method may not have been perfect but it worked for me and I learned something along the way. Personally, I feel perfect lacks that bit of charm and character. That's one reason why I hand quilt or machine quilt at home....I love the charm of less than perfect stitches. If I wanted a perfectly quilted quilt I would go to Macy's!

  11. Love it! That will be one of my every day quotes. Thank your Mum from me. She is a very wise woman.

  12. your mother is so smart! thanks for sharing the wisdom (and I'm jealous, when I tried to get my mom to epp, she looked at me as if I were trying to teach her Japanese..)

  13. So true! My wonky Storm at Sea knows all about it ;-) I love the gingham!

  14. winging it is my way of life. i'd like your mum :D


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