Tuesday 12 June 2012

*candy girl..

you are my world!
check out that phat binding!
When I heard that Ellison Lane Quilts were having a summer inspired quilt contest,
I became like a women possessed
I hoped that I might have my hexagon quilt finished in time to enter.
Whats more summery than cotton candy stripes blowing in the breeze,
even if it is another grey day!
 It's english paper pieced with vintage sheets,
and it's incredibly soft.
The backing is a candy striped sheet which I've had in my stash
 for a few years, just waiting for the right project.
I made another attempt at fmq,
I kept things loose to retain the squishy factor.
I went for the meandering loops for added whimsy
(don't you love that word!)
I also wanted to try out a wider binding for a change,
we all enjoy the binding part..now there's just more to love!
This is my big 2 inch hexagon piece and love qal,
if you would like to give it ago join in here
or if you would like to see my progress clicky  here
There are at least 200 hexagons
which make roughly a 60 inch square.
I'm bummed out that we have no sun, the colours really do sing in the sunshine.
I promise if the sun makes a return I shall rush out and take some sunnier snaps
until then
I hope this has brought a little sunshine to your world.
Don't forget to hop along to Ellison Lane Quilts for some more eye candy!!

*Candy Girl - Jackson 5


  1. GASP!!! I love Candy Girl! Absolutely summery and girly :) I know where my vote is going!!!

  2. Lovely, lovely quilt. It looks as if it is antique and the word 'whimsy' says it all.

  3. Ahhh! Candy Girl is a winner!! She looks incredibly soft and summery!

  4. Such a lovely summery quilt! I've never been tempted by big paper pieced hexagons before, but now it's going on my 'to make' list

  5. that is so SO gorgeous! I love it!

  6. Totally gorgeous - great colours and designs. I'd love to have a go at a quilt one day !!
    Twiggy x

  7. Lovely quilt! Fabrics are so pretty!

  8. Pretty in all aspects - fabric, hexies, binding. Very nice.

  9. It looks so soft and "gooshy"! I love cuddly quilts. :)

  10. Love it, gorgeous colours and your squiggly quilting looks really good. You're obviously getting the hang of it, I must try again (harder)! I'm sure it must feel very soft and snuggly.
    Hen x

  11. Fabulous as ever. Love the candy stripe sheet so much.
    Lisa x

  12. What a lovely quilt! It looks gloriously squishy:-)

  13. 200 hexagons? okay I only have 175 to go! Love your quilt with the wide binding. It looks both cozy and summery.

  14. This is just beautiful and summery!

  15. Beautiful! Love that binding, too. Maybe you will have started a new trend?!

  16. It's wonderful Clare, I just love the pretty ,gently faded colours . And of course the hexagons. I have some 2 inch hexagons that I started back in the 80's !! Maybe I should finally do something with them :0)
    Jacquie x

  17. Ah hexagons... Don't you just love them. Your quilt is so sweet (and looks super-soft and comfy) and I like the nice wide binding!

  18. Eeep! I'm so excited about your quilt. So cute! I love the big binding and your quilting. This turned out so beautifully :-)

  19. You always bring sunshine into my world. I can't resist sneaking a peek at your blog when i am at work - you brighten my day! xxxx

  20. what a beautiful finish! the extra wide binding is genius!

  21. What a sweet quilt! I have been planning to make quilt labels like that.

  22. it's great! loving it oh so much, wanna snuggle in it cause i can just TELL how soft it is. vintage sheets are the best!

  23. Wow! If only mine could be half, well I'd settle for a quarter, as good! Ada :)


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