Friday 8 June 2012

the calm...

 So this was the calm before the storm.
My lupin was the best.
Needless to say it doesnt look like this anymore!
I dont have any after pictures,
lets just say things are a little wrecked.

Never mind the weather, nevermind the rain
Now we're all together, whoops she goes again*

*Jolly good company by Raymond Wallace 1931


  1. So beautiful, I had Lupins in my garden in Washington State, but I haven't tried growing them where I live now. Your garden looks so pretty!

  2. The torrential wind and rain has upset a lot of flowers here too! I love the colour of that rose and your lupins are beautiful in the before photos!

  3. A very pretty English country garden! And typical English weather by the look of it. At least you have some photos of the wonderful flowers!

  4. What a shame Clare.....your Lupins are breathtakingly beautiful. I have never grown them, would love to give them a go.

    Hope there wasn't too much damage to your garden, such a shame.

    Claire :}

  5. Wow! Lovely photos - at least you have those. Boy, have we had a lot of rain :(

  6. Breathtaking photos! I can't imagine all that rain. We have been in a drought!

  7. Love your Lupins! Your garden looks fantastic! It's all good...they will be back again next year :)

  8. Hi Clare , thanks for sharing all your lovely pics. Great to see your pond too .
    You have reminded me that I'd bought some lupin seeds to plant now for next year. Must get on with that .Hope things recover well after their battering, my poppies are flattened too
    Jacquie x

  9. Such a shame about the lupins. That rose looks like it has been crafted from velvet, just stunning.
    Lisa x

  10. Gorgeous lupins! I do hope your garden isn't too mauled by the rain and storms. I had some beautiful Iris and Alliums, now looking very forlorn indeed...Here's to it all perking up by the time the kids break up from school, *crosses fingers*, *sacrifices goat* ;-)

  11. Lovely lupins, I hope all is not completely destroyed, you garden is (was) looking great.

  12. Well, they looked lovely. Sorry to hear the weather's been destructive :-(


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