Monday 25 June 2012

project gingham

 After I finished my candy girl quilt
I found I was at a creative loose end.
Yes, I have plenty of wip,
but none that I've wanted to do.
So when Krista and her pals began playing with gingham
I wanted in.
I played around with a couple of colours as seen in an earlier post,
and worked out what block I liked,
then it was a matter of deciding the colours.
I really like how the middle part creates a square,
so I went with one colour for the corners,
I think the grey really ties the colours all together.
 Off track slightly..
for at least five years now I have been using the same needles,
by that I mean the same pack!!
I've snapped most of them now,
so when I at last found more I shrieked with joy.
They are not really for everyday sewing,
but I've got so used to them
if I pick up a short needle it feels weird!
(I found these in hobbycraft UK)
 Ah simple bunting made from chain stitching my patches hehe!
 As I am using fabrics from my stash this year,
I'm afraid these gingham's are horrid polycotton.
I'm making a table runner,
so I think it will be okay.
I've backed it with a stripey flannelette pillowcase!
No batting needed.
As you can see I'm hand quilting,
this is my second attempt.
I wasn't sure about it,
but sometimes you have to take the plunge!
ps. the big reveal will be July 4th
 if you want to join in


  1. Who doesn't love gingham, so cheery.
    Loving the bunting too.
    Lisa x

  2. This is looking so cool! I really love the handstitching, I can't believe how straight and neat your stitches are!!!

  3. I'm making a table runner from all my gingham too! I don't think I am going to have time to hand quilt mine but yours in gorgeous! That poly-cotton gingham has a mind of its own, don't you think?

  4. I love it! Gingham and polka dots just make me think of grandma and kitchen - its a good thing!!! I don't know why most gingham has poly in it...weird, huh? Your stitching looks great - it has sort of an argyle look on top of the squares of gingham! It is fantastic!

  5. Love gingham! I just bought some Michael Miller gingham but instead of the stripes being up/down, left/right, they are set on a diagonal. Gorgeous.

    Love the table runner!~

  6. Looks great! I love using up odd bits of stashed fabric :)

  7. This is turning out great! Love the colors and the hand quilting.

  8. Ooooh :-) Lovely handstitching!

  9. you have me squealing with glee! i'd better get cracking on my gingham quilt, i'm still piecing!
    i tried hand-quilting once and it was WORK, but i suppose removing the layer of batting would make it easier to push a needle through. i also dig long needles.

  10. Eek! My blocks are still just.....individual blocks! Oh, wait, I just read Krista's comment and she is still piecing. Okey dokey. A week from tomorrow--the big reveal. I'll be ready!

  11. I think this is super lovely!! I'm starting to get the urge to add gingham to my stash!


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