Wednesday 25 September 2013

five six and sevens

Day five in the selfsewn household
a nasty cold is keeping her under the quilt...
but she has kept herself going with some six sided sewing
and a whimsical colour coordinating film*


*seven brides for seven brothers


  1. Feeling the pastel love with a hint of orange :-)

  2. LOVED this movie---and I am loving the colors of your hexie quilt. :) I have to make me a hexie pincushion like you made. It is just too cute. :D

  3. Hope the film and the sewing helps to aid your recovery.
    Sarah x

  4. Ah, I picked it- great film! I'm sorry to hear you are 'under the weather'. Stay snuggled in - the hexies are wonderful and a sense of achievement!

  5. Ohhhhh this is going to be gorgeous! I love Seven Brides for Seven Brothers!

  6. Pretty hexies.......
    And that is the best movie.....!!

  7. I love this movie. I used to watch it with my mom on snow days. I love the hexie pincushion, I think that needs to go onto my to do list immediately!

  8. Hope you are feeling better.
    No that's what I call classy, matching your patchwork to your movie watching!
    Lisa x

  9. Love old films too. I haven't seen that one for years. Isn't it such a shame that they don't show as many in the tv anymore.

  10. "They say when you marry in June...." If I accidentally come across that film on tv, I'm getting absolutely nothing else done until it's over. Beautiful patchwork. :-)


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