Thursday 6 March 2014


Just a quickie because I'm decluttering that loft again!
I have reached the age where enough is enough.
I just dont want the clutter anymore.
When you live in an old house it has the tendancy to feel a little shabby
especially at this time of year,
 if you have too much stuff
hanging about it can feel well...stuffy!
Of course there are some treasures
you just can't throw away!
Can you spot me?
I think we were singing the 'streets of London'
or some such patriotic garb.
I think this counts as a suitably random post Cindy?
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  1. I am with you - I can't stand clutter. I go through our house once a year and completely declutter! But photos - they are precious :-)

  2. awww makes me want to wear a floppy hat ;)

  3. Of course Clare! You are the cutie with the two plaits! x

  4. Aren't you precious? Seriously were the cutest kid! And you still are. ** brownies??? are you making them? or you were one?? I don't know if you have Brownies in the UK. It is younger Girl you have Brownies??

  5. So easy to pick you out of the group, you just haven't changed!
    Lisa x

  6. You really haven't changed much! Just think what you could make with those dresses now!

  7. I am going to pretend I know the answer, but I think you placed yourself in the middle of that second image. :-)
    Sweet! Oh and I am a big one on the de cluttering, in fact invite me over and I will go through stuff like a dose of they does make one feel renewed and less burdened. Then I will go and collect more stuff again so I can de clutter again. Ahhh life is one big tapestry. Have fun.

  8. Of course we can pick you! What's with all the feathers? LOL! It must be the time to declutter- I have spent the last three days sorting through my fabric stash! And don't tell anyone - I sent a whole bag of fabric to the op (thrift) shop!

  9. This is VERY suitably random! You were so super cute. And yes, I agree "stuff" does just make you feel stuffy! I'm trying to declutter. My kids will thank me later.

  10. That's got to be you in the middle! So sweet!
    Gill xx


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