Friday 7 March 2014

floral friday

Why do people have bonfires on beautiful days?

*gardeners world
 bbc 2 
tonight....thats all.


  1. Beautiful and in the mood for spring!

  2. Lovely photos. I planted some crocus but they turned out a little 'thin' rather that the lovely beauties I was expecting. In fact there doesn't seem to be many of them in the gardens round here.
    Lovely day here too, glad there's no bonfires though, poor you. Hope that's the last of them.

  3. I cannot fathom it at all! Looking forward to Gardener's World. Spring's arrived!!! x

  4. Beautiful crocus photos! Thanks for the reminder!
    Have a good weekend Clare
    Gill xx

  5. Spring spring flowers are so pretty....I'm sooo ready for them! :) x

  6. Why? And what do they burn? !!!

  7. Lovely photos! Sure you are ready for spring. We are heading into autumn!! Oh dear!

  8. Our neighbour would allow their gardener to light a damp smelly smouldering pile every fortnight. My husband went round and had a quiet word. It worked. He is my hero!
    You can report it to Environmental health as causing a nuisance, Most people think it is illegal to light one before dusk, alas that is not true..

  9. I miss the changes in season and the beautiful feel of spring.

  10. We have a neighbour who lights bonfires on lovely sunny days, and when a line full of washing has just been put out to dry. Heh ho!!

  11. I adore crocus' - I used to have a lovely little patch at my old house, unfortunately, I forgot to dig them up to take with me when I moved.

  12. I washed my car on this beautiful day. Then I remembered that I hate, hate, hate washing cars!!!


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