Wednesday 19 March 2014

bury my heart at wounded me

 Okay so that title is a little over dramatic
this injury is more like a scooby doo mystery.
I woke on tuesday with a terrible pain in my hand
and suprisingly enough, it is not related to sewing
because I spent the weekend in London.
I imagine its a back related thing
but anyway it's March
there's too much to be done for me to mope about another day.
 I have at last got my spuds chitting.
This year I'm trying Wilja and Maris Piper
as well as my favourite King Edward.
March also means it's time to bring out the magazines
because I'm in need of a change in the garden.
I really love this apple tree blossom with the tulips.
I'm hoping I can recreate it here in my own garden.
After much ado the arch has been reinstated
after the winter storms.
So you see I really need to crack on
before those buds spring open.
Off with the sling...
and out with the half moon.

*Debbie my diamonds are approx 6 x 4 inches across.


  1. Everything is so pretty and green. Do take care of your hand!!

  2. Oh no! A sling and all! I hope that isn't your drinking arm 😛 oh Clare! If anyone can transform a garden into a thing of beauty it is you! Although I thought your garden looked mighty lovely already. Love, love, love that starry quilt!

  3. Oh poo! Hope that the injury disappears soon and allows you full range of sewing movement.

  4. Carry on through soldier! I hope you are not in too much pain, my hubby gets nerve pain in his elbow emanating from his neck, it can be a mighty bit sore at times. But the possibilities in the garden will no doubt get you out there soon. Love the splashes of colour in the house.

  5. Oh that diamond blanket! Can't wait to see how you're going to finish it. Hope your hand heals up quick.

  6. Snazzy sling! I hope you get better soon so you can crack on in the garden. x

  7. Oh my, what happened to you!
    Love the apple blossom, will look amazing in your dream of a garden.
    Lisa x

  8. Ouch! Hope it gets better quickly! I am loving your big star--that pattern is on my someday list.:)

  9. What a nuisance, hope its feeling better now as it sounds like you have a lot of work to do. Tulips will look lovely under the apple tree!
    Love the stunning quilt on the back of the sofa!
    Enjoy the gardening, its a lovely day here today so hopefully you have some sunshine too! Clare
    Gill xx

  10. Hope you are felling better soon xx

  11. Just be careful with that arm - hope its on the mend xxxx

  12. Ahh..wondered what had happened to you. Try and temper your enthusiasm and do a bit of gardening and then rest. It's easy to do yourself in gardening at the beginning of the year, even when you're not injured already! Hope you are right handed! Star looks amazing. Looking forward to seeing it with the flowery diamonds - but don't overdo it with that either!

  13. Sorry to know about your arm pain... take care of it asap!
    Aww... I'd love to be in your graden right now and help out with gardening :)hehe I miss my parents dacha so much now! They will be starting the season around end of April.
    Have a nice day!!

  14. I hope your hand gets better soon. What a hindrance when you have so many spring projects in the garden to be doing.
    Anne xx


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