Tuesday 25 March 2014

creative blockage

  Hey y'all.
Thanks for your comments on my last post
I actually felt much better 
the same afternoon
so I achieved what I wanted gardening wise.
I'm so glad I got a head start
because now the temperature has dropped
and I'm stuck indoors with 
creators block.
I think my loft declutter has backfired on me,
for now I have a cluttered sewing room
which equates to a cluttered mind.
My husband made the mistake of leaving me with 
two opened boxes of cakes...and I'm in a cake eating mood.
I'm having real trouble keeping up with all your blogs
I know I'm not alone!


  1. Cake and pretty patterns look good to me! Try to ignore the clutter during your sugar high ;-) I was going to cull my reading list and I can't face it!!

  2. It's impossible to keep up with all the blogs all of the time--don't sweat it, we'll still love you! I sympathize with your cake eating dilemma. I heard a woman talking in the grocery store about wanting strawberry pie so you know what I desperately wanted all of a sudden! Can't believe my kids went off to school today leaving me with an entire leftover pie.:)

  3. Creative block, clutter, cake! OK it's time to take a deeeeeeep breath, and another, and another. Clear the clutter, have more cake and I bet you your creativity will fly back in. It's not meant to be a chore you know! :-)
    Sometimes projects block me and you do just have to plough on through in small but determined steps, you will get there.

  4. Make the star on the right in the top photo, please. Love it. And send all excess cakes to me. :-D

  5. Cherry bakewells, delsih! They are T's favourite.
    Lisa x

  6. Those are challenging shapes to piece...you need a little sustenance. I did check out all the blogs, but managed to restrain myself to following only three! Blogs are fun but can steal your life!

  7. No! You are not alone! I totally missed this....ooops! I love what ever you have going on here, missy!

  8. Can´t wait to see your new project!

  9. I am soooo behind on blogs and commenting and everything. You're not alone! #cakesavestheday

  10. I definitely know what you are talking about. My 'craft room' is half of our sunroom, which is also used as a storage area for the whole house. I can pretty safely say I've never used it as a craft room (too cluttered) or been inspired in anyway by the over crouded room.

    I'm also struggling to keep up with the blogs I follow. For various reasons, I haven't really been able to catch up on my blog reading for the last few months. I'm trying my best to catch up, though. As you may have guessed, I am up to the S's at the moment :)


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