Monday 10 March 2014

are you the chosen one?

I have achieved two things today.
Finished loft delving
chosen a winner of my giveaway.
And before you go panicking this is not what you could have won.
No this is a long forgotten roll of wallpaper.
When I met my husband he was living in his 
unchanged late Grandparents house
and this wallpaper covered the entire hallway of the Victorian terrace
upstairs and downstairs.
It was..lets say a very vintage house!
I've found so many long lost treasures,
I now know exactly what I own
most of which is now cluttering up the house instead of the loft.
You really cant beat that air of mustiness!
Okay enough.
I have to admit to feeling somewhat restless
with my mad idea of choosing a devotee to bestow 
a gift.
But it's done and the winner is
Audrey @  Quilty Folk
who gave Every Stitch 
as her favourite blog of the moment.
I think I was secretly looking for kindred spirits,
and although some of you came really close
Audrey and her fave 
are just my cup of tea.

*Audrey I shall be in touch,
dont worry if you dont hear from me much this week
we've been forecast gardening weather
so that's where I'll be xx


  1. Yes, there are some lovely quilts in Every Stitch, and in all the others (yes, I looked at all of them!) but Summer of love is still my favourite!

  2. Wowsers! So fun to win this giveaway! You managed to gather together a great list of blogs. Lovely to click through them all and find new places to visit! I always love coming to your blog to see what wonderful project you've got in the works.:)

  3. Well done to Audrey! Great wallpaper. Couldn't you frame a piece? x

  4. There I was thinking you were about to wallpaper the rest of the rooms in your house with the wallpaper. Congratulations to the winner.

  5. Congratulations to the blog winner! The blogs chosen are lovely and meeting Audrey at her blog was also lovely. What a great way to spread the news about favourite places to stop and chat a little. I think EPP is definitely your kindred spirit Ms Clare. :-)

  6. Gosh I'm loving that wallpaper! :) x

  7. Congratulations to Audrey! and so sweet of her to nominate my blog - thanks for the kind thought. I am so pleased to discover this wonderful blog too ! I am a serious long-time EPP addict and will be following keenly :)

  8. Two great new blogs to enjoy, and new tips and techniques too - thanks for sharing and well done to your winners!
    That wallpaper is wonderful! A whole hall and stairs must have been a little overpowering but very cheerful, but just one wall or a cupboard front, or inside, would be brilliant - i wonder if you plan to use it?
    Gill xx

  9. yes me too.. I love it. I thought it was a quilt until I opened the post. Maybe you will make one, repliicating the pattern and colours? hmm lots of appliqué I fear LOL

  10. I'm rather loving that wallpaper... textured too!! Cx

  11. Your wallpaper is stunning and congrats to the winner!!


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