Thursday 27 March 2014

Liberty fabric frames

Here in the UK it's Mothers day this Sunday.
I usually make cards for both our Mums,
but this year I've gone a bit different.
Liberty fabric scraps are the best 
for decoupage!
I'm the one in the pushchair and my Husband is the one in red.
I hope they like them as much as I do.
I think covering frames could be quite addictive.
How big am I in that push chair?
Too big because I can remember it...
with much affection.

For basic decoupage techniques check out my tutorial here

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but please don't pin images that contain 
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  1. What a lovely idea, liberty prints are scrummy aren't they! :) x

  2. Lovely idea. I'm not one for dining out on Mother's Day or big showy presents. These are just perfect.

  3. Ahhhhh! Look how cute you are...C! I love Liberty and the mod podge seems to really make the colors shine! Great idea for Mothers Day. Have fun!

  4. What pretty picture frames, I love both styles! And what a cute idea for mother's day, I'm sure they'll both love it!

  5. Wonderful! Very sweet gifting idea.:)

  6. Mums like anything that is made with thought and love. :-)

  7. So much more personal than a card, made with love indeed.
    No prob about the heart, keep it until we meet up.
    Lisa x

  8. they are so pretty :-) Great idea!

  9. These are great Clare! I love your Mum's dress. I would wear it now! I remember my Mum hiring a pushchair for me in Belgium. I got so attached to it that I burst out crying when it had to go back to the shop! x

  10. This is a great idea, and so much better than chocolates and flowers. xx

  11. Really beautiful frames! Lovely idea.

  12. Brilliant idea Clare, they look beautiful!
    Two happy Mums tomorrow!
    Gill xx

  13. What a lovely idea, I'm sure they will be much appreciated.
    I've had to subscribe by email so I don't miss a post. I missed this one on Bloglovin.

  14. This is a great way to use extra fabric and renew battered frames. Thanks!

  15. Very pretty. What a lovely idea.


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