Wednesday 26 February 2014

less is more



  1. I do like that strong burnt orange colour with the denim blue! Its good to work with different colour palettes.
    I'm a bit sick of my baby girly pink and white crochet at the moment and long to start something totally different either patchwork or crochet-wise. Thats why I like lots of things on the go, but when its for someone else I have to keep going
    Lovely skeleton leaf photo too.
    Gill xx

  2. It will be wonderful , when you finish, congratulations, ania

  3. More is more where sunshine is concerned though xxx

  4. I love it both ways....the quilt that is ;) Very cool leaf 😀

  5. Beautiful. I like the details which are easier to pick up in the larger photos. I'd love to see you try glue basting (giving your fingers a rest), although it may not work so well on heavier fabrics - are you using a denim here?

  6. It will be beautiful. The flowery fabric really adds a sparkle to it! How big will the finished star be?

  7. Such lovely photos Clare. You will know that I love the skeleton leaf photo and the flowers but I love the Patchwork too!


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