Tuesday 25 February 2014


I'm having lots of fun working through my old heavy weave fabrics;
old curtains..a denim skirt etc.
I was going for a lonestar pattern
but then realised they have 8 points.
With this colour combination I think it looks 
more native American.
*Just realised that if I am to make this a big star quilt it will be
**This wasnt my plan....uh-oh!!


  1. It looks lovely - you could always make a circular quilt.........
    Julie xxxxx

  2. I love, love, love this!!!! The colour's are perfect, and I love that it has a native American feel. Have you seen 'Folk Fibers' quilts? You should google them if you haven't, think you'd really appreciate their work. They make beautiful, traditional quilts like yours.

  3. I like this color combination -bright and clean, I think it should look great when it is ready. You always can trim it to smaller square or any shape.

  4. Love the color combination and it looks like a great start!

  5. well that is exactly the kind of mistake I would love to make! Mine never look quite so stunning! I love, lovee it!

  6. Looks like you are having fun though!

  7. But it will be lovely and silly to not just keep going. Nothing wrong with massive (as long as it isn't me doing it)!

  8. Uh oh......you could stop right there and do something arty like. I saw a quilt with the lone star off centre and it looked modern. Or you could reduce the size of the pieces......or not. Circle skirt? Christmas tree skirt?

  9. Nice quilt, do you know Maura of Folk Fibers ? She is making one of those but she dyes her fabric with natural things..https://www.facebook.com/folkfibers

  10. I think it looks native American too! Love the booties!!!

  11. Yes I agree it has a very native American feel to it, and also reminds me of the strong, plain colours used in the Amish quilts.
    Its going to be amazing!
    Gill xx

  12. a circular tablecloth, perhaps? I like it!

  13. It's looking good. Can't go wrong with red, white and blue.
    Lisa x


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