Tuesday 4 February 2014

the economy is growing!

I am getting to grips with the economy beast.
After hearing nightmare stories 
I was worried about how this part would work out...if at all.
Fortunately for me inaccuracy is my default when machine sewing.
I say fortunately because I already know 
this wont be perfection
and as my Mum said last year something
about the importance of being average,
on the whole my inaccuracies are spread averagely throughout this quilt.
Therefore with some fudge allowance (mmm fudge)
I am managing to sew pretty much carefree.
(by this I mean the points don't meet perfectly)
My lack of machining perfection is out weighed surely by my enthusiasm?

 ps. Accuracy is the real reason why I prefer English paper piecing.
pps. Please tell me I am not the only one who shouts 'NO!!!' out loud at their machine?
ppps. I used Crazy Mom Quilts measurements,
which makes the block 8.5 inches approx.
pppps. When I clicked the spellchecker
I had spelt inaccuracy wrong twice
oh the irony!

Final thought.
The man is downstairs fitting our new boiler
making all manner of headache inducing smells,
so I've barricaded myself in here
keeping myself busy.


  1. I yell "no" regularly at my machine, and almost always it's because I did something dumb.

  2. oh I love your economy blocks Clare, I think they may be my favourite's I've seen so far! xo
    p.s. precise points and accuracy is WAY overrated ;) and who doesn't curse at there machine!?

  3. Oh,I definitely shout "no" at my machine. I also say, "Oh, come on!" Plenty of sighs of exasperation as well. ;) Your economy blocks look great, and as my mom always tells me…they're not imperfections they're character that make your hand mades unique. :)

  4. I say ditto to everything above!

  5. Accuracy is the real reason why I prefer English paper piecing.

    Oh yes! I make myself use my machine and can often be heard exclaiming "Arg! what now!?" as the dratted thing does something that I didn't tell it to!

    Anyway, who cares, we don't have to quilt from necessity nowdays, so as long as you are enjoying the process and it makes your heart sing, keep on making lovely things xx

  6. Your quirky sense of humor really 'shouts' out in this post! Perfection is highly over-rated don't you think! It's going to be a lovely quilt Clare!

  7. Points schmoints, I start with good intentions but it never ends as perfection....even with EPP! My rule of thumb is to lay the block down step back and then have another look from a distance. If it's not bleeding obvious to the casual observer it stays. Loving your final layout and colour balance.

  8. I rarely shout no at my machine. But I do shout lots of much ruder words. And who needs matching points all the way through a quilt. That detracts from the pleasure of making them.

  9. I love the human-ness of my quilting imperfections...... it proves we are not machines!!!
    Your blocks are uniquely gorgeous - celebrate them.

  10. I too can relate to what you say. However carefully you think you are sewing pieces together, and however carefully you cut, when it comes to pulling it all together by machine the little errors seem magnified. Whereas hand piecing there is always a little leeway here and there to pull and tweak so you can get a neat finish!
    Its looking wonderful though and its only you that can see those little inaccuracies - we just see and enjoy the beauty of the whole quilt.
    Gill xx

  11. Hi, your quilt is looking lovely. Do you nest or press open. My backs are always a mixture of the two, open to keep the bulk down for quuilting but nesting has been my life saver for getting things to line up most (well at least some) of the time. My machine, I talk to it all the time, I coerce, nag, bribe, and threaten it.

  12. I have a matching points and seams problem every time I sit at my machine. I just hope for the best now, and yes, EPP is so much more forgiving and relaxing.

  13. haha LOVE this post.....everything stated is sooooo true, except I can't tell you what comes out of my mouth when machine sewing points !! Your quilt is coming along beautifully. p.s. I loved your Bohemian Like You quilt so much I've started one of my own, thank you for the inspiration. xx's Kim

  14. I recognise some of that fabric!
    Looking very good from here.
    Lisa x

  15. Hehe! When I read the word fudge, my mind had the same reaction! I say perfection you can buy at Macys! Who wants a perfect quilt....no character in that! I love it !

  16. I thought it was a political statement! Lots of inaccuracy (checking my spelling) there! I love a carefree quilt though I'm handpiecing for greater accuracy just not over papers! Helen got to me!


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