Sunday 9 February 2014

economy 'block' drive

 that's what I love about vintage quilts.
With this economy block quilt top
I tried my best not to be too choosy,
selecting fabrics for their tonal values
rather than colour.
 I must remember that this quilt is made mainly from scraps.
I could spend forever switching blocks around
and still not be happy....
it is what it is.

 I think 2014 is the year to sew from the stash...
don't get me wrong I LOVE fabric
just not keen on wasting funds on new fabrics when it's not necessary....
Thank goodness then
that I bought a stack of Liberty squares 
before my economy drive...
 I am allowing myself a little prettiness to play with this year!
ps. taking pictures in gale force wind is fun
hehe xx


  1. Your quilt top looks great especially with the sun shining through it.

  2. I must admit I love scrappy quilts, I'm currently using your summer of love pattern to make my own version. Liz x

  3. I love your windy day photos and your scrappy economy quilt.

  4. Looks like a stained glass window :-D

  5. Great quilt top and great photos Clare! I love the colour palette - it is so gorgeous! And I agree- I'm sewing from my stash this year too! It is very satisfying!

  6. Really beautiful! And I love the photos :)

  7. What it spectacular! Clare you are amazing! I must say I wish I had your steely spine when it comes to fabric. I can't wait to see how you quilt it!

  8. Your scrappy quilt is beautiful. So much to look at.

  9. I love your economy quilt top. I am with you on using up my stash before buying more to add to it. Need to kick this hoarding habit lol!

  10. lovely economy block quilt. I've been sewing from stash and scraps lately and it's great to cut into fabrics and figure out what will work together.

  11. yay for scraps - it looks so pretty!

  12. Hi Clare! It's perfect! I know how it is to arrange the block thousands of times and still not be sure. But you know, only you can see each fabric separate because you know them. We see the whole quilt and it's beautiful. I think you had just right amount different colours. And now hand quilting or what? x Teje

  13. That's lovely - and it's not raining!!! x

  14. I am a big scrappy lover and think your quilt is just fab. xx

  15. congratulations.It`s brilliant and love your pics!

  16. Love it! It looks especially lovely with the light shining through it. You are quite inspirational when it comes to using the fabrics you have. I decided last year to work from my stash, and as perhaps I didn't use that much of it, I'm continuing with it this year.

  17. Love that last photo. Hope you are loving the quilt top more each day.

  18. what it is ... is gorgeous!! I love it! xo

  19. Oh my gosh - this came out incredible, really! The scrappiness is fantastic. What do you mean, though, about paying attention to tones not colors? Are you thinking about value (light/darkness)? Is that what you mean by tones?


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