Thursday 2 January 2014

out with the new and in with the old...

....because that's just how I like it.
I don't however like to see my garden friends in pieces.
Here in the UK Christmas eve was spent tidying up 
after a scary great storm.
And so this is how it looks today.
With more rain and storms this week
this is how they will stay.
The garden is very grey right now,
which leads me on to my muse for 2014.
'Grey Gardens'
(did you see what I did there?)
I shall be channelling my inner Edie
both big and little,
I'm already singing
tea for two..
I feel akin to little Edie mainly
like a star wanting waiting to shine.

I just know that this book is going to give me
 inspiration for 2014.
And so here we are 2014.
I love a fresh new year.
I'm not really fussed about resolutions
after all I still have cheese and wine in the house
and I'm not giving that up just yet.
So I shall share some ideas
I have for 2014.
 1. Painting ~ the top of my to do list is to paint a picture at least once a month.
2. EPP ~ I have in mind a scrappy lone star project.
3. Collecting ~  realising I have a penchant for jugs with blue interiors, 
I shall seek them out
rather than buying junk willy nilly!
4. DIY ~ This years main job for me is to paint our front door,
a nice Cornish sea green I think.
* stripe jumper Gap

So what's on top of your list?
I know I feel like having a great purge in the house,
I just wish someone would come in and rearrange stuff.
The other thing I love about a New Year is that
Spring is just a round the corner.
I have written the birthdays on my new calendar
and Christmas is back in it's box...
without further a do.
Roll on 2014!!


  1. That book looks great Clare. I am longing to put the Christmas decorations away but my husband likes to keep them up until the 6th!!! I have had enough of the wet and windy weather now and am looking forward to calm spring days with sunshine! (One can hope) Very pleased to see a garden photo albeit not in its normal fine state. Happy New Year Clare full of good things and nice surprises.

  2. Your projects from 2013 are just wonderful, your garden may be grey now but I'm sure you will use your magic on it come spring! Me....I will definitely finish that quilt I started! :) x

  3. Well your sweater is far from grey! I love the bold stripe! I would say you have nice jugs but that would be cheeky! Hope you had a lovely Christmas even if the weather was dicey! Your garden is always lovely.

  4. I hope you are able to getting the garden back 'flowering' soon!

  5. I don't think this weather is ever going to end!
    That book looke like just you kind of thing, good luck with your challenges for 2014.
    Lisa x

  6. My main aim of the year is to relax more about my house, teenagers, life, and my far from perfect sewing. I also intend to use up a lot of scraps as I love EPP, and I am hoping for a Sizzix machine for my birthday. Happy sewing xx

  7. Speaking of purging, I am excited about the prospect of my two kiddos sharing a room, potentially, later this year. I'm itching to help THEM purge so that they can live in a small-ish space together. Too bad I can't tackle that challenge today. Who knows... when it arrives I may be less than willing.

  8. Cou Cou Clare! And that doesn't mean you are "cou-cou"... Maybe a little bit. Just like me. Like your simple 2014 list. I ahven't really made one. I stopped giving resolutions a long time ago. But, saying that, 2014 I shall:
    1. Just Do It
    2. Finish
    3. Snail mail instead of FB
    4. Phone instead of text
    5. Play every day
    6. Feel loved

    And a million other things. Concrete things... I just have to list them first. Maybe get a note book just for that... It will be a long list... Only a few items will be checked I am sure... Because that is how I am. ANd so many others like me. Happy New Year. Bring it on - 2014!!!

  9. Me and my cousin are obsessed with Grey Gardens, so many people have never heard of it, they are really missing out. The film adaptation with Drew Barrymore and Jesicca Lange was spot on.


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