Thursday 16 January 2014

tipping the balance

 Have you ever ...
 thrown caution to the wind...
ripped up the rule book....
 made use of gay abandon
entered into a manic fabric panic?

If you have then you know how I'm feeling...
....utterly mad.
Opening your mind to fabric freedom
means any normalcy that once was
( to be frank there wasn't much to start with)
slips away...
leaving you with 
fabric blindness
a bit like getting lost on the underground.
I would love to say that I am choosing fabrics
willy nilly
but when the possibilities are endless
I feel slightly fried!
It is an interesting concept though,
get your stash out and play with it,
go on!
I'm thinking this quilt should be called 
liquorice allsorts...


  1. I love this idea. Keep throwing caution to the winds! Di x

  2. You mad hatter! I have put my fabric in a brown paper bag and used whatever I pulled out! Go wild Clare!

  3. I for one love it! Great idea....go for it! :) x

  4. You go girl, it's looking great so far :)

  5. I presuming my bastard iPad just ate my comment. Hmmff! I shall paraphrase - keep going!

  6. I'm thinking this quilt should be called
    liquorice allsorts...

    black sashing... oh yes!

  7. Keep it coming!! Love it so far!

  8. I love your choices. Keep going, I can't wait to see more.

  9. I am not so good with random. When there is too much going on I need to lie down! Good job there would be a quilt to put over me!!! x

  10. It's good to see some original designs and colourways going on here - throwing out the rule book is the way to go! Why should there be rules when its something creative, sounds mutually exclusive to me!
    Its good and refreshing to see something different in blogland!!!!


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