Tuesday 14 January 2014

reverse applique quilt label


  There's nothing like starting a new year off
with a new skill.
This is my first attempt at needle turn applique.
I'm so pleased
as I have wanted to make this type of label for so long.
It really was very easy.
Simply draw your shape on the back of your background fabric (the gingham)
cut out the shape leaving a 1/4 inch for the under turn.
Next snip up to the line of your shape,
pin on your second fabric and start sewing.
I used the stitch I use for binding.
Find my label tutorial  here

woo hoo!

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  1. That is a really effective way of making a label. How do you 'print' the letters prior to embroidering them? Di x

  2. Looks amazing and so neat! And such a co-incidence seeing your post this morning, as i fell asleep last night thinking of making a reverse applique cushion after being inspired by a white on white reverse applique vintage cushion i bought a few weeks ago, and after looking at the Alabama Stitch Book by Natalie Chanin - maybe this will be the year of reverse applique!

  3. That looks SO good. Thanks for tutorial. Blessings x

  4. Love it! I'm going to have to try this one ay.

  5. So pretty! Love the label shape, thanks for the tutorial!

  6. Lovely work, Clare! Thanks for sharing the tutorial!

  7. Oh it looks good,
    Another skill to add to your already extensive list.
    Lisa x

  8. Lovely! I always lose the will to live entirely when it comes to quilt labels, I think only one quilt of mine ever has an actual label on it. Maybe I should do a fancy label like yours at the beginning and then all I have to do is fill in the date when the thing is actually finished (three years or so down the line....)

  9. I love hand stitched labels and this is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing this. I might try this idea on one of the quilts xx

  10. This is beautiful! I cant believe this is your first time doing needle turn applique, it looks great. Your style really shines through.

  11. wonderful quilt label!


  12. Your labels are a work of art in themselves. I do admire your neat embroidery stitches.

  13. Beautiful Clare and I love the embroidery. x


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