Friday 10 January 2014

hand quilting to the max

 I have finally crossed the finish line of my hand quilting marathon.
My constant companion,
falling in love with every stitch.
In an effort to reduce wonkiness
I quilted in one direction
turning the quilt after every line.
When the bulk of rolled up quilt became large and an effort to handle
I began sewing two lines at a time
hence the two needles above.
Last night I finished the last strip with three needles (Mary)
Thoughts soon turn to binding don't they?
This is how I 'audition' fabrics.
Generally I find the right binding 
but this quilt with it's crazy backing got me stumped..
Without really thinking I bought the middle fabric
2 metres as well!!!
I don't think its right.
I'm not 100% convinced
but I think I prefer the
choice below.

This quilt is by no means perfect.
It's been another learning project.
The backing is wonky through hand quilting
and the whole quilt has a curved attitude
because I sewed all the strips one way 
and didn't alternate....add to that a gingham binding on the bias...
Oh my dear quilt I do all these things....

cause I like you,
Yeah I like you.
And I'm feeling so Bohemian like you.
Yeah I like you.
Yeah I like you
And I feel wahoo, wahoo, wahoo!*

* Dandy Warhols


  1. It looks absolutely perfect! So quilty good! I could just curl up in all those lines of stitching. Clare, what is the backing fabric? Is it a vintage bit you found? So funny...the design looks much like the new Dowry, Anna Maria Horner line. Keep those needles stitching!

  2. love the job you did with quilting. looks really nice with the pattern of the quilt.

  3. I love all the hand quilting!! I'm definitely going to shamelessly copy this idea.

  4. I love it, and I love that double needle tip. Thanks! Also you are totally right on the gingham binding.

  5. Oh, how I LOVE this quilt. Sometimes I feel all tied up inside and I know I need to let my inner bohemian out!! Thanks for inspiring me to the max! xx

  6. Another lovely quilt you've made. Are you still hand quilting with perle cotton and do you buy it locally or via an Internet supplier as I'm having difficulty finding it to see what it's like. Liz x

  7. The gingham trim is lovely, I do like the polka dots too, but then I like polka dots on anything.
    Lisa x

  8. I love the look of hand quilting. This is a beautiful quilt and sounds like a labour of love.

  9. oh oh I like you too!!!! You have such patience... I would have given up a thousand stitches ago. It is blooming gorgeous. Love your scrappy style. I would go with the top left. Yep! Top left is best. In my opinion that is. Gingham always cool, but no... I have fallen for the top left. Did I screw things up for you now?

  10. Gorgeous!! Who cares if it is slightly wonky, anything made with love will be loved for a long time. Cozy up!

  11. so much hand quilting. Amazing :-)

  12. I wish I had the patience to hand quilt. Yours is lovely!!!

  13. It is a lovely quilt Clare with multi needle action too!!! I agree with you about the choice of fabric for the binding - it blends perfectly.

  14. I love straight-line hand quilting. Your quilt looks beautiful.

  15. I was hoping you had chosen the gingham and when I first saw it I thought it was ricrac! I love that hand done thing that goes slightly off so much so I'm glad you embrace the uniqueness of this quilt! Great job Clare!


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