Monday 27 January 2014

bohemian like you quilt reveal

 If this quilt were a song it would be
bohemian like you
by the Dandy Warhols.
I will pass on the over used term boho chic much in the way I do the term  shabby chic.
Generally speaking my quilts gather a life
which is not pre-determined.
The seed for this quilt was a simple glimpse of my own stacked quilts.
I fell in love with the blue, white and natural colourway.
I also blame my visit to Libertys 
for totally bringing me back to my arts and crafts 
state of mind.

  Although I am known for hand piecing quilts
I am not averse to a bit of machine action....
but don't worry I made up for it with a
marathon of hand quilting!

  I love how the gingham binding
creates a 3D looking double helix pattern,
discovered by accident when trying out binding fabrics.
This quilt has a real vintage/alpine/Liberty feel to it.
It is all about texture 
and is really not like a quilt as we know them.
The heavy quilting has given the fabrics stability....
which makes it feel like a turkish rug!

Vital stats:
Size~50" x 60" (the perfect size for lounging)
Strip~ widths approx 1.5" 
lengths various
Number of strips 40
Fabrics~ mix of stash fabrics inc my favourite Joel Dewberry herringbone 
also fabrics gifted to me from Deborah simply miss luella
and from my pal Lisa jumble and jelly
thank you girls.
Backing~ vintage terylene type fabric of an indeterminable age.
Binding~ another stash fabric of unknowness.
Quilting~ hand quilted with almost 3 balls of number 8 perle cotton.
Rows approx half an inch apart.
120 rows equals 6000 inches of hand quilting!!!!!
Time taken to hand quilt ~ approx 60 days.

Cause I like you,
Yeah I like you.
And I'm feeling so Bohemian like you,
Yeah I like you,
Yeah I like you,
And I feel wahoo, wahoo, wahoo! 

ps. I love you.


  1. Wow! That must have been a marathon of hand quilting Clare! I love the randomness of the stripes, and the colours and fabrics are somehow easy on the eye en masse even though you have turquoises and purples in there.
    I love the contemporary feel to it. It's gorgeous!
    Gill xx

  2. Absolutely beautiful! Great mix of prints and i love that backing fabric. The handquilting looks spectacular!

  3. I can't tell you how thrilled I am to know that you used some of my fabrics in this amazing piece of art. It really, really makes my day. What a labor of love!!

  4. Hi Clare! This is most beautiful quilt! Bohemian sounds lovely and suits so well with the colours you have used! Your hand quilting makes adorable finish for this quilt! I think I my next quilt should be more simple - not so 'sircus' like I use to make. Have to go to finish the lates 'sircus' to start NEW one...
    Have a wonderful week! x Teje

  5. This is just..,..awesome!! I love the design, the colors, the stitching,,,EVERYTHING. I'm pinning so I can reference it often for it's beauty. Truly inspirational !!

  6. It's truly! Liz x

  7. Gorgeous quilt.
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  8. Just beautiful! I bet it's hard to stop petting this one.:)

  9. Oh man! The hand quilting you've accomplished is such a feat! You inspire me to try it on something larger. Do you use a hoop? Love the colors and I totally agree that the Dandy Warhols are playing while I gaze at your photos. Great job!

  10. Wow!! You should be so proud of this, especially with all of the hand quilting.

  11. What a triumph Clare! I love all that hand quilting- so much I can't wait for winter so I can start hand quilting a whole quilt too!

  12. Wow! Love the colour choices and design. Nothing like hand quilting! Great texture! An awesome job!

  13. Like the dappled light on the forest floor. And the quilting adds the soul.

  14. This is so beautiful! I love the strips of brown and blue. You balance your colours and patterns so well.
    A true artist.
    Lisa x

  15. Oh. My. Goodness. Clare! This is fabulously amazing!!! I could just eat this - it is so delicious! You have the best eye for how fabrics need to go together. Love it and perfect hand quilting!

  16. Wonderful quilt!! Both back and front and I love your big quilting stitches!!

  17. You make beautiful quilts. That hand quilting is so nice. Di x

  18. fabulous! I reminds me of the kantha stitched quilts sold here in Glastonbury

  19. just beautiful. It is amazing how hand quilting changes the feel of a quilt - i love it!

  20. Beautiful. That is a lot of hand quilting. I bet it has a lovely feel to it and drape.

  21. so SO lovely! The quilting is perfection.

  22. Beautiful! I think the hand quilting really brings this together and makes it something very special.

  23. That is so gorgeous - I admit I had doubts before when you described some of the fabrics, but it is how a quilt should evolve! You need a medal for all that hand stitching. I did a bit on mine and thought "never again". Many thanks for my lovely pack of fabrics - they arrived yesterday. I shall endeavour to make something worth of them xxxxxx

  24. I love your bohemian too! I also used the word bohemian on my blog over the past week. We have that in common as well as our migraines!!! Take care. x

  25. Wait till the spring before using as a rug outside please - too pretty for mud!


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