Monday 13 January 2014

patchwork scraps scrappy quilt?

   Today's post was supposed to be about how I only have ONE wip.
It's a partial truth
somewhere amongst this lot
there is my batik quilt that I began last year.
Colourwise it was looking a little flat,
so I thought I'd add the Dresden to it.
A quick rummage through my scrap bags
and you see where I ended up.
If you love English paper piecing or quilting
then maybe you have such a stash?
unused fabric oh~dears

So what do you think?
Should I just go for it....and say I do only have one wip?
How about you?
Got any UFO's?
I dare you to get your patchwork scraps out
I better you'd be surprised how many you have.
One wip must mean that I have finished binding my 'kantha style' strip quilt,
I have indeed, I just need to make a label and wait for a sunny day.
Full reveal coming soon....


  1. Wow! that make a great quilt
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. That is such a fabulous idea! The perfect way to use up all the half finished projects in one fell swoop in one totally unique sampler quilt.

  3. Good grief, so many lovely pieces here! It would make such a colourful quilt, and be a creative challenge as to how to bring it all together I would imagine! But how satisfying to use them all up. It would be perfect for your sitting room as it all looks good laid out in there.
    Happy New Sewing Year Clare
    Gill xx

  4. What a gorgeous collection of pieces. I especially like the dresden quilt. The colours are just fab!! It's a great idea to use all in one quilt, I can't wait to see how it all turns out.

  5. Hi Clare! Looks fantastic collection and will make beautiful quilt! I'm hoping to make also quilt with ... hmm many kind of blocks, but mine are not so exciting. Have a lovely week! x Teje

  6. I love the look of it, I say GO FOR IT!

  7. I don't think any of those are an "oh dear" and all together they are an "Oh Yes". Sew 'em up, they're great together.


  8. Love those 'test blocks' (there is too much work in these to call them patchwork scraps!). This will make a great quilt Clare- go for it!?

  9. Wow! That looks like an amazing quilt! I say go for it! Don't look back, just do it!

  10. Go for it! It will be magnificent! Clare you are a magician with scraps and thread!

  11. Funnily enough, I've been doing something similar today. The light was too gloomy for taking any photos though. Not that that matters as I still can't post any photos to my blog.
    What an interesting quilt your collection would make.

  12. yep, join them all together and you can call it your "kitchen sink" quilt (as in "anything but").

  13. I, personally, see two quilts here; one made up of the darker blocks in the centre and towards the upper right, and another made up of the lighter and brighter pieces everywhere else.

  14. brilliant idea to put it all together. Can't wait to see it finished!

  15. I would stitch it all together and call it a quilt!

  16. Such fun! I would make either a large scrappy quilt here of lots of cushions. I am intending to make new cushions so that is probably where i would go. I have a barely stared EPP quilt in my drawer which I must get done this year.

  17. Go for it! I have a lot of orphan blocks too, and have laid them out several times, but still haven't done anything with them. I guess I'm waiting for a few more, then I will know it's time to make something. You have a great selection!

  18. They may be WIP's but they are still so lovely, and your label too! :) x

  19. Maybe that's what I should do with all of mine! Instead I take 20 blocks and make a completely different quilt around them ! You'll be finished first! Well done!


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