Saturday 28 December 2013

2013 lookback

 English paper piecing...
...and other stuff.

I think my 2013 was a mix bag kinda year.
Lots of interesting projects most of which are completed.
Plenty of gifts for friends,
(my favourite inspiration)
with many more on the horizon.

I love the start of a fresh new creative year.
I keep telling myself that 2014 is a year for painting
with less sewing
but somehow I think we all know how that will pan out!

I wonder what the next new year quilting trend will be?
Am I too late for a scrappy trip around the world?

Thank you for your everlasting friendship
I know with some of you we are like ships in the night
but it's nice to know we are still there for each other
even if it's a single word comment
just to say


  1. I adore your colours! Great makes :-) may 2014 bring happiness and painterly inspiration!

  2. Hi! Have enjoyed finding your blog and seeing your creative journey.:)

  3. Thankyou for a lovely year of blogging, I look forward to seeing what you do next!

  4. Hi! Your discipline to your craft inspires me! Keep up the awesome work and Happy Holidays!

  5. A lovely colourful burst of your fantastic creativeness.
    Looking forward to seeing what your talents create in 2014.
    Lisa x

  6. Thank you sharing your 2013 makes and your mojo with me this year Clare!

  7. Lovely 2013 makes. I always enjoy reading your blog. Di x

  8. This just proves my point that you make beautiful things. Keep at it! ;-)

  9. 2013 brought a lovely collection of finishes. Whatever you decide to work on next year, may you enjoy it and find a real freshness and excitement in your creativity.

  10. all beautiful. Can't wait to see what inspiration strikes you in 2014 :-)

  11. We could do the scrappy trip around the world together! :)

  12. brilliant 2013, its great to look back and see a wonderful creative year. Look forward to seeing your 2014 makes!

  13. I love the quilt and matching painting (or is it the other way around?). Happy New Year!

  14. I love seeing it all together. I haven't started a srappy trip yet either. Also i have decided that I love your stars so much I will be making some as birthday presents this year.xx

  15. Your 2013 looks like a grand year to me! I'm looking forward to our friendship in 2014. Happy New Year!

  16. Lovely creations. Here's to a new creative and inspirational year. x

  17. You have certainly had a creative year Clare. I would love to see some of your painting and some glimpses of your garden too. I miss seeing its progress! Have a happy new year whatever you decide to do with it! x

  18. Oh, my, look at that stocking! What wonderfully bold fabrics. Ok, I'm going to pretend you were talking directly to me about being "ships in the night". I think we literally comment on each other's blogs when the other is asleep. But it works! I've enjoyed getting to know you better this year =)


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