Monday, 16 December 2013

tis the season for giving

 So I have been doing a little more stitching than I have been sharing with you.
Now that they have been received I can show you 
what you can do with some thread and fabric!
In a bid to release the reigns on my epp obsession
I went for some freeform quilting
no measuring
totally off the cuff
just sewing from the heart.
Actually I just wanted to make my pal Mary a label
it just evolved a little.

  My second make also for Mary 
is this kantha quilted heart.
Mary has Irish roots and three daughters
so I embellished it with a vintage pin with three shamrocks.
(these should have been separate gifts, but I was a little tardy on posting)
Making smaller items make the finer details all the more important,
and allows you to explore ideas
like the diagonal stripe binding 
that I have been desperate to try out.

If you loved these little gifts
then why not
hop on over to Marys blog
where she is giving away
the cutest peppermint swirl pin cushion!


  1. Such lovely and precious gifts, Clare!

  2. Gorgeous gifts.Have a fun week!

  3. I love these gifts!!!! And the shamrocks were the perfect touch! Your ideas and stitching are amazing! I wish these gifts could be seen in don't do them justice! Thank you for spoiling me! You don't know how much I appreciate it!!!

  4. Very cute ideas, and very well done.

  5. Lovely gifts and a thoughtful touch with the shamrocks!

  6. You really do make the nicest things!

  7. Such a thoughtful gift Clare, I bet it will be treasured.
    Lisa x


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