Thursday 5 December 2013

teenage kicks decorations

 It has become a tradition for me to send handmade decorations
to my friends three kids,
ala Beatrix Potter
Now they are teenagers the cutesy stuff
just doesn't cut the mustard.
 Remember my scary skulls and the black crochet star garlands?
They were previous years makes.
I struck upon an idea that wasn't too twee
and suitably personal.
So I made another visit to my 'goto' craft compendium
and found her 
scrappy little Christmas tutorial
which continues my theme of close line quilting.
 I kept mine really simple
by just using one fabric
and a double layer of felt.
I found it easier to quilt the lines first 
and then cut the shape out.
I used my walking foot.
And made the paper letter templates
from a picmonkey font.
 I finished them off with some twine*
and some beads.
 So I am pretty much done with gift makes.
Nicky suggested that I should make some stars for myself.
So that was enough of a spark to 'get the scraps out' again!
Some of you might notice that I have cleared my dresser/cabinet 
you also might think I am preparing it for Christmas?
But no believe it or not we are finally laying a new wood floor
in the extension.
We were so excited when the wood delivery arrived
we were literally like
children going to bed on Christmas eve!
Fingers crossed I will have a wonderful new floor
to share next week!

*twine from Libertys none the less!


  1. such great ideas. I love those skulls!

  2. I thought there was something very special about that twine! Lucky kids who get those cool ornaments!

  3. They are fabulous! Those kids will love them! And I can't wait to see your floor ! Yippee!

  4. Liberty's, get you!
    Hope the floor is progressing well, exciting stuff!
    Lisa x

  5. I bet those teenagers love you! I would be looking forward to seeing what you came up with year after year.

  6. Love them all! Fab letters -would be great on a cushion too!

    Glad you are making stars for yourself!


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