Tuesday 10 December 2013

pins and needles

Hows Christmas going you ask?
Well it's not...not yet,
we have way too much diy stuff happening to think about 
anything festive.
 So I thought I'd answer a question regarding my quilted star garland instead!
Mad cat quilts asked :
 Lovely! How did you attach the string to the back? Can you show a pic?
Over the years I have developed my own way of
doing things
I do not like anything too 'frou frou'.
(fussy bows and ribbons need not apply)
As with my patchwork style
I like to mix and match.
I love using the rough with the smooth
or the new with the old.
I use garden twine for many of my decorations
but as it's Christmas I have splashed out with a
festive stripe!
 Okay back to the question!
Sometimes those hand me down bags of vintage 'stuff'
contain gems like the awesome set of needles*.
I'm not about to start repairing tents or the like
I am just sharing the tools I use to wangle the larger threads
through my creations.
One of my pet hates are decorations that have the loop running from front to back
which means I am forever twisting ornaments round.
So the above picture is my all time favourite hanging method.
Thread an upholstery needle 
and make a running stitch at the top of your decoration,
remove the needle and pull the threads so they are even.
Next pull out the stitch (just a little) to form a loop,
 feed the ends through and pull up tight.
Finish off by knotting the ends together.
In answer to the question about the stars
I simply thread the twine through the backs
using a running stitch
which means the stars are not stuck in one position
and can move about.
That was all a bit too heavy
 for such a simple question!
I think I need some light relief!

*a certain amount of force is still needed
even with these giant needles!


  1. thimbles! Thank the Lord for thimbles when it comes to pushing giant needles through tough fabric!

    fun post, thank-you. Advent blessings xx

  2. A great knot! And a great deal of work for you this Christmas season! I can't wait to see it finished, though.

  3. Your pet hate goes well with mine....when my kids hang their ornaments backwards. We get a butt tree every year.

  4. I have a big doll making needle that comes in handy for jobs like this. Enjoy the reno!

  5. Love the look of your box of homemade decorations. Hope your DIY jobs all finish well.

  6. Hope the floor is going down ok!
    Lisa x

  7. I know what you mean about decorations twisting! I love your gingerbread men with the white icing decoration. x

  8. Excellent! Thanks so much for explaining your technique!

  9. Should have had needles like those for my dove wings and eyes! Brilliant tips and love your stars


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