Thursday 19 December 2013

it's beginning..

 Now that I have sent out all my handmade gifts
I can finally concentrate on some makes for me.
One project at a time definitely
keeps things simple,
even if in my head there are a million possibilities.
I made these simple two sided fabric stars for my dresser
not unlike the ones I made Lisa
 but unquilted this time.
Somehow more effort goes into making gifts for others....
maybe I should love myself more!

And we have a new floor at last...
almost finished,
knowing when to draw the renovation line before Christmas is a good thing.
As the smell of paint isn't all that Christmassy!
The floor is Swedish!
Made by Kahrs product name estrella
(cos I know someone will ask me)
Now that we have a Swedish floor
does that mean my kitchen is now a principality?

On with the makes
next up stockings....


  1. Your stars look lovely, pretty and simple and your floor is divine. We just had our oak floors sanded and stained/waxed. Come to think of it, a very similar colour.
    I know what you mean about making for others. About 4 years ago, I realised I had nothing in my home made by me!
    Enjoy the festive season!

  2. Beautiful garlands, lush floor and gorgeous robin tin!

  3. Your floor is beautiful. And so are your stars--very festive.

  4. Love the use of simple string, all so pretty!

  5. Your floor is exactly what I would choose if I could re-do my floors! Beautiful!! And your garland is so Clare.....which makes it spectacular!

  6. Love those stars and the new floor is amazing

  7. That star-garland is so pretty, it makes your cabinet Christmassy! Your floor is really beautiful!

  8. I covet your stars, and the dresser upon which they are hung. I think I will make me some.

  9. I love that floor! And your puffy stars are so sweet! I just can't get over how beautiful that floor is. He did a great job!

  10. Love your stars...and Swedish floor. You will now have to talk like the Swedish Chef when you are in the kitchen!

  11. Your stars look fab on your dresser and I love the floor perfect.

  12. So simple and pretty. They made me smile :)

  13. Love the stars!! I wonder if I have time to run some up for another present?

  14. I love your squidgy stars - you could leave them up year round!

  15. I love those little stars. Have to make some for myself someday. My effort on making some for the door wreath stopped by sewing the stars out of christmas fabric. Then they never got done by the end of November. All I have to do now is fill them and sew the opening closed. So I could have such a nice garland, too. Soon. Just...

  16. Your floor looks amazing, such a depth of colour to it.
    Looking forward to walking on it one day!!!
    Love the stars, love mine too of course.
    Happy Christmas to you both.
    Lisa x

  17. Sweet little hearts, my sewing machine is now mended so I'm hoping a little blanket making will commence again! :) x

  18. I love your stars! I want to make some! Those stockings came out great, too. :-)


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