Tuesday 5 November 2013

seeing red

 It has come to my attention that all my quilts contain turquoise
apart from my unfinished pink and white zigzag....unfinished!
 Is it just me with this safe colour fallback?
It is my favourite colour of choice....
but sometimes it's good to try something new.
I have long lusted after red quilts,
there is something about red that ties everything together,
or wakes a subdued palette up.
Red makes a quilt feel traditional
and I am a traditional girl.
Lets get reddy to rumble!
 ps* just wondering if moving the hoard from one side of the room to the other
counts as tidying?


  1. You are after my own heart! I love turquoise and red does exactly what you've said....it wakes up a palette.

  2. Beautiful pictures--especially love the final one. And yes, I think moving qualifies are tidying....at least it does that with me too. :)

  3. How about turquoise AND red? That's my go to combo, and I'm searching for a new colour to be excited about!

  4. Absolutely. I move my piles of everything from one place to another all the time. They never disappear and it looks tidy in the spot where "the stuff" was moved from and the next time I move it I have made a clean spot again... And so it continues. Smashing the Christmas pillow I see. Good to see some comfy bum on it. :) Red is great for all creativity. Bring it on. I want to see!

  5. hmmm... always interesting to make new connections. Turquoise is a favorite for so many these days. Blue is also a "safe" color precisely because most everyone loves it.

  6. I was thinking a similar thing the other day- I've been using lots of pink lately, but have been known to use red one year in nearly everything I made!

  7. It count's Clare! I do that every day! Beautiful photos! Turquoise is great colour but so is red ... I have missed also red lately - could it be Christmas? x Teje

  8. Moving TOTALLY counts as tidying, of course! Pat yourself on the back, and take credit for it all. My sewing space is so small that moving things around is the only option, and sometimes just piling things high in a hidden corner makes the rest look neater. So I tell myself. Ha! Your quilts are beautiful, and very inspiring. Bravo! JJ

  9. Of course moving the hoard counts as tidy. How could you even ask?! I love red, and blue, and orange, and...

  10. Yes of course it's tidying, I do it all the time......these are wonderful! :) x

  11. I say that counts as tidying! Red is fabulous! It kicks everything up a notch!

  12. Red is a colour which has grown more and more on me the older I have become.
    As long as it's a tidy pile then it definitely counts.
    Lisa x


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