Friday 22 November 2013

kantha quilting

Have I been living under a rock?
Am I the last to know about kantha quilting?
How have I missed it, with all this evidence around me?
 I know I have seen such quilting
I just had no idea how big of a thing it is right now.
Kantha quilts'quilting originate in India
and are traditionally made from saris 
with simple but heavy stitching.
So it seems I am making a kantha quilts of sorts.
Currently I have stitched 15 out of the 40 strips
and used one whole ball of perle cotton....
that's 82 metres so far.
You work out the maths,
just don't tell me how far I have left to sew
I already think I'm insane.

*Kantha sources shown.
 Homes and Antiques magazine sep 2006
Granny Chic ~ Dottie Angel and Ted and Agnes.


  1. I have heard of Kantha quilting but never knew how it originated.
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. I knew none of this, but that probably wouldn't surprise you!
    Love the look of this type of quilting though.
    Lisa x

  3. Looks beautiful - I imagine you must have the patience of a saint to make a whole quilt that way but it will be stunniing! Jane x

  4. Love a bit of Kantha quilting but have only attempted something small. Good for you doing something much bigger Clare! gives great texture and I'm hoping is fairly relaxing to do...?

  5. Hi Clare! Your header is adorable! I haven't heard either. x Teje

  6. It is really effective to both look at and do. Di x

  7. I love them, even have a vintage version made into a handbag. They are beautiful and the simplistic quilting is fabulous.

  8. I love it. I made a kantha elephant cushion for a friend some years back. I just love texture, so this appeals to me greatly.

  9. I don't think you are insane at all! I have one of these planned for 2014! I just better go and buy more perle before I start! I love that heart!

  10. ohh the quilt is looking gorgeous and what a beautiful heart! I had never heard of it!

  11. My, oh My, how interesting, Clare ! Never heard of this before, and it sounds SO attractive to me, with a beautiful texture result, as far as I can see... Please, please, can you tell us a bit more ?
    e.g. you mention perlé coton ---> which number ?
    what kind of needle are you using ?
    Is it a simple "long stitch quilting", sort of ?
    I'm so curious and would very much like to have a trial. THANKS a bunch for your answer, dear!
    Heartful thoughts from my little corner in Belgium ;-D

  12. I wonder if this is what I'm looking for? I'm thinking of doing some hand sewing, my machine not too healthy at the mo, you've inspired me! Your heart looks fab :) x

  13. Hi I am from India and I know what you are talking about. Kantha work is all had sewn. Mostly on SAREES in India. Such intricate designs!!! A saree is 5 yards in length. So you can imagine how much of stitching. Generally done on silk here. Kantha work sarees are very popular. It was nice reading about and the heart has come out well.

    Have a beautiful weekend

  14. Oh this technique has got a name! Very fancy! Maybe easier to find now that I know what it is called!

  15. Hi! I love dropping by your blog.
    Big stitch and Kantha style quilting have been around a while now. It is all part of the Utility Quilting scene. Hand quilting that is simple to do and (relatively) fast! Enjoy!

  16. How pretty! I had not heard the term either, but the form is definitely familiar. I love how relaxed it looks. Not about "perfection" it seems.

  17. Valuable information! Looking forward to seeing your notes posted. Indian Kantha Quilts


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