Friday 15 November 2013

mini mojo quilt reveal

My mojo quilt has found it's way to it's new home in Australia,  
so I am at last able to share it with you.
It is actually called Susan's Mojo 
after my friend Susan asked me to send her 
some mojo..
and so another quilt is born.
I am very proud of this one
I think it is my best work to date.
In fact I think I work best when I know it's a gift....
must be the love!


The nitty gritties

This mini is hand pieced using the English paper piecing method
although the pattern from Linda Sewards Country Quilts book
is machined.
I have used a mix of modern and vintage fabrics,
the back is a rosali print from ikea
and the binding is my fav Joel Dewberry herringbone.
The quilting is also a mix of machine and hand quilting.
The size approx 25 inch square.
 The label is hand embroidered.
Thank You xxx


  1. Absolutely beautiful!! Lucky Susan! Gorgeous pattern and even the label is stunning!

  2. absolutely gorgeous. Susan is a very lucky lady - but very deserving too :-)

  3. it is lovely! i am always a big fan of your color selections/pairings...

  4. Wow! If that doesn't getSusan's mojo back, I don't know what will! It is simply amazing always. I would be hard pressed to pick out a 'best' work from you...they are all your best!

  5. It's absolutely gorgeous.
    Love the backing fabric the most.
    Lisa x

  6. Really gorgeous! I love the mix of fabric you used. Very unique and special.

  7. My mini looks really at home in your place...I hope I can find it a happy home here! Thank you again Clare! It's beautiful!

  8. Susan is lovely and so are you. I love this mini and how nice to share your mojo.

  9. Wonderful quilt Clare!
    Lucky Susan!
    Gill xx

  10. Another stunning epp quilt! Love everything about it - the colours, the pattern and the mojo :-)

  11. I just now came across this and, wow! It is utterly perfect.

  12. Wow - this is beautiful - I may have to try some EPP and see what I can make. I am sure your friend loved it.


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