Friday 8 November 2013

chalk and cheese

 I have been a very good girl this week
and only worked on my wips*
 The issue with wip
is that personal tastes change.
This is the pink quilt I mentioned as unfinished in my last post,
it was started last year (I think)
when I was venturing into machine quilting.....and pink!
Thankfully this morning I finished the quilting
which was a chore.
Quilting should never be a chore,
and one should never be out of love with a quilt..
but it happens!
These quilts are quite different
however with my new outlook on red
I think I may bind both with similar fabrics!
 A chore which I am enduring I am loving
is the mammoth task of hand quilting my scrappy strip quilt.
 The look I am going for is a heavily quilted effect
something that only handquilting will achieve....
it will be worth it wont it?
You know me well enough to know that I don't care what fabric I use
and that I have a stash of oddments that WILL be used.
Well look what I've pulled out to back this quilt.
I often wonder how close to the bad taste line I can get
before I fall all the way over.
I found this fabric in a junk shop
I have no idea what it is.
I imagine it's a 60s/70s dress fabric
maybe terylene?
The thing I love about quilts
is that they should be a patchwork of what you have to hand...
and that you should always love what you quilt xx
ps. my handquilting is very unorthodox
so far I have managed to quilt three strips in two days...
only thirty seven left then..
*wip = works in progress


  1. I know what you mean about WIP quilts...they lose their appeal. Your junk shop fabric looks a lot like Anna Maria Horners new line! Great stitchin' Clare!

  2. I love the effect of hand quilting and have recently bought some thread especially for it. Just have to get cracking now. It is strange how patchwork started out and what it has become now- buying fabric especially to cut up and stitch back together again, and the prices, yikes!
    Love your quilts, in fact I love your posts.

  3. Isn't that what patchwork is........ using what you have to hand? I love your quilts they are always so beautiful.
    I was once, not so long ago, about 10yrs ago actually. I only ever went to one class, but "teacher" told me off because I didn't have new fabric to make a quilt. I actually felt like and outcast. I wouldn't have minded if it wasn't for the fact I was using hexagons for paper-piecing. I never went back and I was put off quilting for a long time.
    Julie xxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Keep at it, of course it'll be worth it.
    Yes to meeting up, when is good for you?
    Lisa x

  5. I am amazed you took out that quilt again! Love the hand quilting, and that fabric is wonderful!! I am fabric ency right now!

  6. The backing of your hand quilted beauty is mad! And so YOU! I love how you push the boundaries! And the hand quilting suits those strips perfectly!

  7. i have to say that I am finding both the machine and hand quilting a bit of a challenge! But i'm getting there! I have enjoyed making my recent quilt - the first in ages - and I will be making another, so any donations would be greatly received. You are my inspiration. xxxxx

  8. The thing I love about quilts
    is that they should be a patchwork of what you have to hand.

    I agree completely. that's what patchwork was all about, making do with scraps, leftovers and recycled fabrics and for me, it's still what it's about. I far prefer the look of hand quilting and I like what you are doing very much. Your quilt will look both homely and hand crafted, just as quilts should be.


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