Monday 2 April 2012

spring clean...

 that was the intention..I even put my pinny on..
 but I'm an easily distracted kind of girl..
 large hexagons give such a speedy satisfaction
oo-err missus
 okay back to it..spring cleaning the garden that is!
If you are wanting to do a spot of paper piecing then why not join my flickr group
to show and share?
It's a fun carefree project...
make whatever you like..just make it jumbo!


  1. You have gardening weather?? Lucky you!!
    Love the hexies. :)

  2. Tee heee! You look lovely in your pinny! I find all things distract me from work in the house and the garden!

  3. I don't blame you getting at all distracted with all that lovely fabric. xxxx

  4. I can't believe I have been quilting all these years and never made any hexagons. I tried it over the weekend, and I'm hooked!! I printed out a big hexie pattern, and I'm off to the races. This is so fun!

  5. Love the pinny! A meet up in town after the hols, how does that sound?
    Lisa x

  6. pretty, pretty hexies! I would wear that pinny everyday because it's so cute :)

  7. Very pretty! Much nicer than gardening!

  8. Easily distracted. Ha ha ha! Who isn't??? I was supposed to do gardening with the man yesterday, bumped into a bunch of scraps on my table and ended up making a scrappy gorgeous pillow... A couple of hours later my man frowned when I showed him the results instead of admiring my efforts, and he said "You are so easily distracted..." GO cleaning girl, at least for 15 minutes or so. That is good.

  9. Your apron is so sweet! Don't you love spring cleaning and distractions even more!!!

  10. So lovely! Giant hexes sound fun. Of course, so does gardening. Decisions, decisions...

  11. What a darling apron and I am dying over your large hexagons. May I ask if you made the paper needed, yourself? What size would that be? Thanks so much!! Sincerely, Trish xoxo


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