Tuesday 3 April 2012

allotment chic

Today's post comes to you from my new allotment!
 I am insane I know...but gardening is my one weakness??
that and starting up flickr groups it seems!
I love it when I see your patchwork photos taken outdoors,
so thought I'd start a group for some renegade quilting.
If you have any interesting snaps please pop 
over here and join in the weirdness!
ps. the stranger the better! 
pps. tales from the allotment will be featuring on my blog..


  1. So nice to see this !!!!!
    I've been wanting to do something like this for quite a few years now, but never started or enlisted on a waiting list, due to not having enough time to care for such a garden. So I really hope you'll be sharing more pics of your garden in the future!! Love to see it!!

  2. I think an allotment will do you a World of good Clare! I can picture you at the end of a hot sunny day sitting near the allotment shed doing your patchwork. You could even have your plot divided up into giant hexagons!!! x

  3. Allotment great! Patchwork brilliant! :)
    But I'm insanely jealous of the fact that you're in shorts and you have a blue sky!!!

  4. Good luck with your new allotment, can't wait to read all about it.

  5. What an awesome garden!!! I love being out there, digging in the dirt, it's a great feeling!

    How big are those hexagons? They look huge! I just did a hexagon tutorial and the size I used in it were 1/2" on each side! Dang, if I used ones your size I could get waaaaayyyyy more done!

  6. I think allotments are such cool idea. Nothing like it that I know of in the USA. I'm now trying to think of interesting outdoor photo ops. You got me started!

  7. Sounds good to me. By the way 5 of my hexies fits into one of yours ! How did you get them so big ? They are lovely and probably faster than mine are going..

  8. Looked out for you on the allotment when we went past on Saturday on our way to and from Boscombe!
    Lisa x

  9. Jealous of your allotment, we've been on a waiting list for one for 6 months now!

  10. The patchwork photos are a great idea. I'm completely enjoying making my Rose Star blocks and will surely post some fun photos. There's a community garden that's not far from my house. Once summer rolls around, I make it a point to stop by on my bike ride. It amazes me what people grow in the small bit of garden that are given. I'm not a very good gardener, but I do manage to get some sweet raspberries and fragrant basil from my backyard garden.

  11. I think the allotment equivalent in the US is a plot in a community garden. There are several in Austin. Folks get on a waiting list often times. It would be great to have the giant squash plants sprawling an allotment rather than killing the little grass that we have ;-)


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